About: Hello My name is Prayag Nao.I am a tech enthusiastic person who does not follow reality,instead I create reality.I am sharing some project with you.I hope you will like them.

It is amazing water fountain made by three water bottles.

Things you will need......

1)three plastic bottles.

2)water tube.




and your BRAIN ;)

Step 1: Construstion :)

Firstly apply glue on 2 lids and stick them back to back as shown in fig. now make hole in the lids and then take straw and fit it in the hole as shown in screw on 2 bottles on 2 lids so that long end of straw in the top bottle.

Step 2: Construction Continued............. :D

Now cut half of 3rd bottle and stick it on the base of top bottle as shown in make the holes on the bottles as shown in fig.Now our Fountain is ready let's it test............!!!!

Step 3: TESTING........... :*

watch given video for working and given pics.



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