I apologize for the terrible blurry pictures in advance :)

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Step 1: Items Needed:

Wire cutters

Mini bottle trees (1 inch) OR Bump pipe cleaners

Mini glass jar (my jar charms are about an inch and a half tall)

Hot glue or all purpose glue ( I used E6000).



Eye screws OR Headpins

Jump ring

Beads (for tree base- optional)

Glitter, fake snow or whatever else you want to add.

Small funnel

Tooth pick

Charm (optional)

And sorry- my camera takes blurry pictures :)

Step 2: Making Your Tiny Xmas Tree

Cut your mini bottle brush tree to size to fit inside of your bottle. It is easier to get your tree to stay in position firmly if you add a bead with a flat end on it for a base. I used square beads for mine. Your tree will have a small amount of excess wire that will fit into the bead hole after cutting to size - glue it in place. Make sure your tree is straight (might have to hold it in place for a minute) and let dry.

I don't have any bump pipe cleaners currently, but trees can be made with those by cutting them to size. Used the wide area for the bottom of your tree. Trim edges for shaping if needed.

Step 3: Glue Tree Inside of Your Bottle.

If you added a bead, this will be easier. I used E6000 as my glue of choice, but most glues will work for this. I used a toothpick to get my glue at the bottom of the bottle without slopping it everywhere and making a mess. After adding a small spot of glue to the bottom, I cram my tree in. Use your tweezers to center your tree and let it dry. You can "fluff" the tree after the glue drys if it got somewhat mangled during the cramming :) .

Step 4: Add Glitter

Once your glue is dry and you have adjusted your tree to your liking, add the glitter. I add enough glitter to cover my bead base. Using a small funnel makes this easier and less mess.

Step 5: Add Headpin, Jump Ring and Optional Charm.

Push headpin through the cork. Sometimes poking a safety pin or thick sewing needle through first helps. Just don't poke yourself :) Cut headpin to length that you need. Use your pliers to round off. I added a jump ring so the charm will fit my chain. I also added a charm for an extra cutesy effect. Once you have finished with everything, add some glue to the cork and put it on and let dry. I use a toothpick to add a thin layer of glue to the bottom edges. Make sure to clean up any excess glue before it drys. Once your glue is dry you are done! It is now ready for a chain!

Step 6:

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