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Here is a useful tip when you don't have a helper and you hang a door by yourself. Any door. Cabinet doors, interior door, exterior doors, large shed doors. Any door.


When you try to take off and install hinges the door will want to swing. Like in the picture. If you're alone this can be frustrating trying to align the door with the screw holes -- especially on large doors.

Step 2: THE TIP

TIP: Use a spacer. Something to hold the door in place and prevent it from swinging. On larger doors, a block of wood the exact size of the space below the door will be perfect. You can remove and install hinges with perfection. One hand holding the door, one hand screwing the screws. Take off bottom hinge first, then top, remove the door. Replace the new hinges on the door and rest the door on your spacer. The holes will line up perfectly. Attach the top hinge first, then the bottom. It'll be "frustrationless."



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    Although the tip about a shim under a regular door is good, the picture of the clamps holding a spacer under a cabinet door is useless. How are you supposed to get to the scews on the inside of that door?

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    Kink Jarfoldfilmaker2000

    Reply 9 days ago

    Let me help you visualize this a bit better. Wifey asked me to change the black hinges on the cabinet doors to chrome. I used the spacer to remove each door and then to rest on to rehang it. Once the door was removed, I laid the door down on the table, flipped it to the back, removed the black hinge and installed the chrome one. The trick is to install the hinge on the door when the door is off. This works on all doors. Let me know if this helps you see what I was trying to explain.