TIPs on Installing NICE Looking Roof With No Leaks (drip Edge, Tarpaper, Shingles)

For a more detailed instruction, watch the video.

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Step 1: Installing the Drip Edge

The drip edge is hangs 3/4in over the edge. Cut the drip edge to the right size and nail it in place

Step 2: Tack on the Tar Paper

The tar paper only needs tacked on with a few nails.

Step 3: Starting to Put Shingles On

When we start to put the singles one the first row of shingles needs to go on upside down.

Step 4: Cover the Roof With Shingles

Now we are going to cover the roof with shingles, the shingles will alternate side to side so it creates the classic roof pattern. All shingles have little cuts that you can pull up and line your singles up to it (it saves a lot of time measuring). Each shingle gets four nails, they get pounded in on the tar strip.

Step 5: Chalkline

Adding a chalk line REALLY helps you line up the shingles. If you put your tape measure at the top of the grove and measure up 12in that is where you will put your chalk line

Step 6: Finish the Top

Cut the shingle into four pieces, then cut a small taper on both sides on the black side of the shingle. This keeps the black part of the shingle from showing. On the last piece the nails will be exposed, so you need to cover them in some silicon so it wont leak.

Step 7: Finished

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