Laser cut and engraved tissue box covers. These make a great addition to any room. Also, that make awesome gifts! :)

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Step 1: Tissue Box Cover

1. You'll need to get a sheet of 3mm(1/8") wood, wood glue, and clamps.

I love to use either Baltic birch or Bamboo for wood options.

2. You'll want to measure the tissue box you'll Be covering. Give a little wiggle room so it fits snug and not to tight. To make your design a little easier put the dimensions and material thickness in boxmaker.connectionlab.org
Once you get your box open it in the program you going to be using you will be able to edit you lines. You'll need to add and oval in the top of the box and get rid of the notches on the bottom of your cover and make a solid straight line like above picture.

Step 2:

Choose the design(s) you're going to use on the box and and position them how you'd like in the Program you use. I use CorelDRAW

Step 3:

Save your file and prep for laser.

Upload your file to your laser and hit go.

Once the laser is done cutting and engraving all that's left to do is glue the pieces of the box together.

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