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Do you have a stack of used tissue papers or crepe papers? Ever wonder what you can do with that? Easy, let's make tissue paper flower bougainvillea. You can use them as centerpiece, to decorate your room, or if you really good at it, you can make a beautiful wedding bouquet! The good thing is you can choose your favorite color, or you can make it in rainbow. Just beautiful!

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Step 1: Watch the Video Tutorial!

Sit tight, don't go anywhere and watch this video to know how to make this beautiful tissue paper flowers.

Step 2: Prepare All Materials Needed!

You can find all the materials around you. So this project will cost you almost nothing. And the materials are:

1. Tissue papers (you can replace it with crepe paper or paper streamer)

2. Floral wires (28 gauge and 18 gauge)

3. Glue (any kind of glue, to avoid color bleeding on tissue paper, use glue stick)

4. Floral tape

5. Scissor

6. Ribbon (only if you want to bundle your tissue paper flowers as a bouquet)

That's it. Easy to find, right?

Step 3: Making Tissue Paper Flower Petals

These are the steps to make tissue paper flower petals:

1. Cut tissue paper into rectangles (3,5cmx4,5cm)

2. Cut diagonally so you have two triangles shape

3. Flip one of the triangle tissue paper (like shown in the picture above)

4. Glue the triangles so your tissue paper in a kite shape

5. Fold back into triangle

6. Cut the folded tissue paper like shown in the picture

7. Open it and you have tissue paper flower's petals

Step 4: Making Tissue Paper Flower's Center

Making tissue paper flowers center is as important as tissue paper flowers petals. These are the step by step:

1. Cut pale yellow/ white tissue paper into 2 cmx2 cm square

2. Fold diagonally into triangle shape (three times)

3. Cut like it like shown in the picture (or watch again the video if it's unclear)

4. Open the folded tissue paper and cut into half

4. Prepare 18 cm thin floral wire

5. Glue the tissue paper center at the wire (like a cone shape)

6. Do the same to the other end of wire

5. Wrap the wire with tissue paper

6. Bend the wire. And paper flower's center is ready

Step 5: Joining Tissue Paper Flower's Petals and Center

1. Prepare three tissue paper petals and one center

2. Glue flower petals around the center

3. Wrap the wire with floral tape

Step 6: Making Tissue Paper Flower's Foliages

Size of paper foliages can be vary from large to small. It's better to use crepe papers as the foliages because they have texture and creases. Also it's difficult to find the right green color from tissue papers. Basically making paper foliages is almost the same with making tissue paper flowers petals.

1. Cut green papers into rectangle

2. Cut diagonally

3. Flip the other half

4. Glue one to each other to create a kite shape

5. Fold again and cut like shown

6. Attach paper foliages to a wire

Step 7: Joining Tissue Paper Flowers Parts and Arrange It

To make a rainbow color you need at least six colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple). I know it should be seven colors, but i think indigo and violet are both purple, so it won't be any problem.

1. Prepare at least 10 tissue paper flowers per color.

2. Joining 10 flowers to be one bundle (connect each wire with floral tape)

3. Don't forget the foliages!

4. Connect each bundle to a 18 gauge wire so you have stem to hold.

4. After 6 bundles of tissue paper bougainvilleas done, you can start form the tissue paper flowers bouquet

5. Voila! A rainbow tissue paper flower bouquet is done.

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3 years ago

THANKS FOR SHARING Bougainvillea bouquet
it is really wow !
i have to try this week ... i am too exited to make this ..
beautiful they are ..

Penolopy Bulnick
Penolopy Bulnick

3 years ago

Such a pretty bouquet! I'm impressed what you're able to do with tissue paper, I always seem to tear it :)


Reply 3 years ago

Thank you so much! But you can use crepe papers instead :D