Acrylic TIn Can Coaster - Laser Cut

About: I am a student designer and photographer!

I made this coaster for a 10 year wedding anniversary present, I found out that 10 years meant they had to have something 'tin' so I thought of making a tin can coaster. I used a laser cutter to cut the acrylic to the correct size and shape. 

To make this rather retro looking coaster, you need the following: 
-A laser cutter (preferably) or you could try with a saw and a lot of sanding/filing. 
-Tin can lid
-A suitable glue to glue acrylic together
-A suitable glue to glue the tin can lid into the hole. 

1. If using a laser cutter, you should firstly draw 2 circles the same size, then in one of them draw another one the size of the tin lid, this will be cut out and act as the hole for the lid to go into. 

2. Once you have cut the circles, you need to glue the circle with the hole to the solid circle. 

3. You then need to glue the tin lid into the hole. 

4. You now have a tin can coaster. 




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