TLR (top-loading Rifle)

Introduction: TLR (top-loading Rifle)

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Well i got the idea when i was looking for an older style gun to build on this website and i saw the 2nd pic on the "military rifles" page.

This is definitely the most fun i have had while building and shooting this gun. And Red, i used yur M14 again =p

Really fun to load and shoot
Gets decent range (20-30ft)
Top loading
Easy to fix (if it jams)
Looks good (IMO)
Cool way to know if your out of ammo (see pics 3 and 4)

Jams every now and then
Only 4 rounds (definitely not for war)
No stock
Very heavy for how small it is
Last shot rarely comes out

To load you MUST pull pin back and pull back "mag pusher" (pic 4) and push ammo forward and down
Ammo is blue rods

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