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Hi guys and gals,

Ben here again, first time in a long time unfortunately, but I have finally completed something worthwhile that I have been working on for months on end..

I have finally built a fully functional, tubular magazine pump action shotgun.. and by golly was it a pain in the neck. But, it is complete.. and my hands feel like they've been struck by a hammer. I won't make you read anymore than you need to but I will say this, please don't ask for an Ible just yet, I am making one as you read this.

Step 1: Preview

Well based off these images it does not look like a whole lot of gun, but it does stand at almost 65cm resting on the butt of the gun to the emd of the BARREL, not the mag pusher. It also weighs in at about 2.7kg.

It is a tubular magazine, pump action 'combat' shotgun. It holds a total of 5 rounds (I call them slugs), with 1 in the "chamber". There is np string, there are no special pieces bar 1 flexible white length rod (it is light blue or green depending on the set(s) you have).


There are a number of modified pieces that I have salvaged from my box of broken pieces, whether they are cracked, or broken, or cut, they work just fine. There are only a number of purposefully cut pieces, and only three of those at most being connectors. The rest are 3 piece wide cut rods, not necessarily white (only because i salvage everything seeing as K'nex isn't as readily available here in Australia), but 3 pieces wide.

And in saying all this I will have an Ible for this up in a matter of around 2 weeks, I just need to find time around my new job.

That's it from me for now guys and gals, stay tuned for any updates and Ibles.

over and out.

Step 2: Video Preview

Sorry guys I tried to embed the video but my phone doesn't like doing the things I need it to.
But the URL is as follows



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    2 years ago

    are you going to upload an instruction for it, cant wait to build it, looks very nice

    4 replies

    They shouldn't be too long now mate, I'm just working on fixing my camera. Another day should do it to get started, haha!

    Aw mate, you gotta see how it works. I would have embedded a video, but I can't remember how