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What's happening guys

I know I said I would have this up about a week and a half ago, but it has been a bit of struggle finding the time to get the photos uploaded and the steps completed between work and socialising..

Nonetheless, I have finally taken all of the photos (less 1 in step 1 and I apologise), separated all the steps, and listed a full breakdown of the gun in part form.

Like all of my 'Ibles, these steps are a 'block by block' format as opposed to piece by piece. So I will add as much detail as possible to help you along the way. If you need any detailed images or information please let me know and I will update the 'Ible ASAP.

I will let you know you will only need 1 special part, and that is a 7.5 inch flexy rod.

Enough banter, lets get building!

Step 1: Buttstock

Okay, so the buttstock is very simple, yet very effective, you may modify as you like, but the gun is built the way it is to support the mid section, where the round pusher is located.


1). Centre piece of the buttstock, it is 3 pieces wide to start with.

5). This centre connector MUST be a red connector.

7). Build 2 of these identical.

8). Like so.

9). Left side of the 3 piece wide block you made just before.

10). Right side of the 3 piece wide block you made just before.

11). The "neck" of the buttstock.

13). Attach like so.

14). what you should have completed.

Step 2: Grip, and Thumb Hole.


1). Starting block, build this.

2). Another view.

6).Build this.

8 & 9). Different angles.

11).Attach like so.

12). What you should have just completed.

13). The two parts you've finished should connect like this.

15). Leave this disconnected to wrap your elastics around the grip and neck.

16). Build these.

18). The piece you just made should attach the the left side of the buttstock like so.

19). Flip side of the buttstock, attach the 2nd piece.

20). Flexy rod connects like so.

22). Build these.

23 & 24). Attach to the left side like so, and mirrored on the right.

26 & 27). Add one of the pieces from picture 22 like so, and the other side mirrors.

32). Add a few pieces to fill up the ends of your blue rods.

33). tan clips seem to fiish up the look rather well.

Step 3: "Firing Chamber/Trigger Assembly"

1). Make 2 of these, Note the cut/broken connector in the centre of the wall.

2). Closer inspection.

3). The second wall you build will have rods attached to the top, please make sure you use this wall for the next photo's step.

4). Gather up a few connectors. These cut rods you see I have salvaged from a lot of broken rods. SALVAGE YOUR PARTS LADIES AND GENTS!.

5, 6, & 7). Attach them onto ONE of the walls, like so.

8). Attach 2 yellow rods and a single connector.

9, 10, & 11). Build this, take note of the 'Y' connectors in this part.

13 & 14). Attach to the wall you added the connectors to.

15). Make these parts.

16, 17, & 18). add these parts in like so.

19 & 20). Build this, and yes the tape is necessary. The flexy rod i added in as a stopper to make sure this part doesn't turn too much and cause all the rounds to fall out of the magazine.

21, 22, & 23). This new part attached like so, much like the green connector and spacers previously, the cut rod in this part will sit between he two connector flanges.

24 - 27). Trigger assembly, again, yes the tape is necessary. The elastic bands I added after the assembly and some re-tweaking in power ratios. They are not necessary.

I am so sorry, I forgot to add a picture for the second wall to go over the top of the current part.

28 - 31). The trigger will attach like so with the second wall added in.

32). What you should have just completed (from right side wall).

33). This piece will now attach like so to the trigger guard and thumb hole assembly.

34). What you should have now completed.

Step 4: Barrel and Magazine.

1). Make these, note the white rods on one side and not the other.

2). Collect a few more rods.

3). Attach them to the panel with the extra rods attached.

4). Make these..

5). attach to the front of the barrel like so.

6). Make a few more parts..

7). attach them like so.

8, 9, & 10). Closer inspection and notes on pictures.

1). Front of barrel.

12). More tape.

13). opposite end of the barrel where the firing chamber attaches to the barrel.

14). They attach like so.

Step 5: Barrel Finish, Pump, and Slide Arms.

1-5). The yellow rods we added earlier can now be filled in with spacers for the "arms" of the pump.

6 & 7). What you should now have assembled, from the right hand side of the barrel.

8 - 11). Build this (pictures 9-11 are just other angles for your convenience).

12 & 13). Attach the barrel finish like so (front of barrel VS back of barrel/firing chamber).

14, 15, & 16). Add in the little connector and white rod like so, and a little more tape to protect your pieces from grinding and wear.

17). Make these.

18 - 21). Vertical pump handle and other angles for assembly.

22). Make these pump spacers.

23 - 27). Pump spacers should attach to the pump and insert into the grip as follows in the pictures.

28). Make this.

29). Make sure you only attach it to one side of the pump to make it easier to slip into place .

30 - 34). this pump assembly should now slip into place like so, and attach at the end to seal the assembly.

Step 6: Finishing Up.

1 - 3). Firing pin and firing pin guide. Make sure you tape these up really well, I found using plumbers tape held a better wrapping than anything else.

4 - 8). Insert the firing pin and attach the guide like so.

9 - 12).Magazine pusher.

14 - 16). I made a few ergonomic pieces to put an elastic band around and make the grip more comfortable.

13 - 19). Elastic bands. The only bands I use at this point in time are 64s and 16s.

Step 7: Elastic Bands.

1 & 2). 3 x 64s tied end to end will wrap around enough to pull tension without making the gun too taught. i doubled up on the amount of bands.

3 & 4). I took these photos before I pulled the gun apart, that's why the bands are frayed. there should only be 1 x 16 band in there just fold it over twice.

5). Trigger band.

6). A neat place to hold extra rounds.

7). What you should have now completed!!

That about sums up my latest build, I know I was supposed to have this posted a while ago, but it was taking to long to upload from my phone. I switched to the PC and all of my photos were gone.. which meant more uploading. BUT, nonetheless I have completed the build as asked.

I hope the instructions aren't too difficult to see/read, I do still have the gun, so if you need more instructions or better defined pictures JUST ASK!.

That's me for now guys, util next time, ben_the_builder, over and out.



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    18 Discussions


    2 years ago

    i have one small question, how smooth is the pump slide, because i am deciding to build this one and your leviathan. but i want to hear your opinion first, because i dont have enough pieces to build both at the same time


    2 years ago

    how many cut pieces do i actually need?? And does it use a lot of green/black small rods??

    3 replies

    Sorry mate haven't been on here in a while.
    I don't recall exactly how many pieces are broken, but there are a number of them in the pum mechanism. As for the green/black rods there are atleast 100-130 of them.


    If you want, i can make a partslist for you, it will take some time tho, because I have to focus on school too. But i can make it for you


    You're more than welcome to mate. If I had time after work, especially with christmas going on, I'd have revisited this gun and modified it by now and brought up a parts list for everyone. Just poor timing on my half there haha!


    2 years ago

    So pardon my ignorance, I haven't been around here in awhile. Pump action, chambering, horizontal fixed magazine? Regardless it's freaking awesome.

    5 replies

    Reply 2 years ago

    Pump action - it utilizes a pump to action the reload sequence i.e expelling the used cartridge (if applicable) and chambering the next round ready to fire.

    Chambering - basically a fancy way of saying the rounds dont have a direct upward feed and can only be fired once at a time.

    Horizontal magazine - self explanatary, but from what I know there isn't many guns like these on here. So I built one to add to the collection of tubular magazines.

    Thanks man haha! I tried to imbed the youtube video of me shooting it, but it wouldn't work.


    Reply 2 years ago

    No worries, I've bend in this hobby maybe two years and took a couple year break, just refreshing my terminology. How many layers did you get this to fit in? I know Zip3 took me a stupid long time to develop just because I want tho keep the standard 5 layers.


    Reply 2 years ago

    I know what you mean mate, I can't stay focused on k'nex as a hobby, too much work to do hahaha! I kept it at 5 layers, with the exception of the braces near the end of the pump "arms", if you would call them that haha!


    Reply 2 years ago

    Zip3 is also 5 layers, I added a small outside layer to make it 7 doen the barrel just so it wouldn't flex side to side. It doesn't need it, it's a feel thing.

    I recently joined an extremely active nerf community so my interest has strayed. That's really the difference about this hobby from others is how specific it is and how challenging it is. Not to say other hobbies arn't as challenging but but they arn't to the extent as this.


    Reply 2 years ago

    The 7th layer is just for that safety feeling knowing it's not going to go to buggery when you cock the gun haha!

    I was into nerf, I had a 600rpm vulcan on a motion detector firing mount. I got the idea from a youtube video.. the thing was monstrous, and then all the internals melted from friction :C
    Now I just have 4 i think, the Cycloneshock, Centurion, Doominator, and the mega version of the rampage with the 10 round cylindrical magazine ( can't remember the name).

    The Knex Inventor

    2 years ago

    Hooray! The instructions are out at last! I will definitely have to build this sometime. Favorited. :-)

    2 replies