TNT Clock




Introduction: TNT Clock

  The purpose of this creation was to turn a simple clock, recycling some materials, something cool that calls attention.
 link to the video I did with another one that I had done some time ago: 

Note: Unsuspecting people can be frightened by the artifact. Those who step up to do another one, use it responsibly, improperly used, can cause panic. I am not responsible for any misuse of the idea.


Step 1: Materials:

- Ducted tape or insulating tape

- 55cm of PVC pipe or electric rail (both 3 / 4 inch) or broomstick to cut into 3 pieces each 18cm;

- A sheet of paper 40 pounds red or cardboard (cut the size of an A4 sheet: 210 x 295 cm);

- A clock (I used one of those laying on the dashboard of cars);

- Four clamps Nylon

- Electronic circuit apparatus broken (I used a broken mouse);

Step 2: Making TNT's

  Print the mask (Registration) of TNT on the sheet of cardboard. The inscription was made in Corel Draw more can be done in Word. Then cut and paste into each barrel individually, making the sticks of dynamite. Caring for centralizing the pipes so that the paper tips. And then be able to cover the unexpected failure of the cut.

Step 3: Riding the Banana.

  Put the Three Bananas, pyramid-shaped: two on base and one on top.

Secure them with tape.

After this step, add the detachable base of the clock and set the bananas with the help of two clamps.

Fix the mouse circuit the same way and cut the ends of the clamps.

Step 4: Finishing

  Just attach the clock and ready.

Verify that used the tip of the mouse's cord to fit on the clock.

Note: You can use various other materials such as broom handles, various circuits, dead batteries, clock hands, among others.

Hope you enjoy this additional contribution. That it is more a starting point to sharpen the creativity of you. And that helps to recycle more and more materials.



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    This is so genius! I love it, I think have all the parts, but will probably be substituting the PVC pipes for penny rolls or wooden dowels..

    2 replies

    This is the spirit of the thing. The idea was to encourage the imagination to recycle more and mixed materials. Thanks for the comment.

    Então é você o dono dessa aqui
    uaheuahuhae, show de bola, parabéns!

    leave that in an airport and walkaway :D but seriously dont bad idea it also, it looks awesome