UM its my first project  on instructables so bit nervous but please be kind with ur comments


tube light
step down transformer

Step 2: WHAT TO DO

connect the component as shown in circuit diagram.

Step 3: Step-2

a heat sink should be used with AC-127for proper heat dissipation or transmitter may get damaged.

Step 4: Step-3

for more powerful light u can use transistors of value OC 26,OC 27,AD 139,AD 149 ............



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    It is not a bad start, while I am not one to speak with any authority on spelling and grammar I still think I should point out that UPPERCASE is very annoying to read when misused for titles (or worse, the whole text) - but you should use it when starting a sentence. Also the use of sms-speak makes it very hard to read, we are not limited to a small amount of characters here so please type out words fully ("u" and "ur" reads horribly - and I must be getting old because i don't even know what "UM" means)

    All that said (and I likely made my share of mistakes too :-) I like it.

    Multisim 9 says it can :D When I saw it i thought like you, but now I believed xD
    Do you know Joule Thief circuit? It's just like this. Transistor is transistor, potentiometer is resistor and transformer acts as coil. Just like in Joule Thief circuit ;)

    Does it work? Because you say it has to be DC source and do you think only transistor and battery can make AC out of DC? Transformer to work needs AC voltage, but in your circuit current will be just going through secondary coil and heating the transistor, but nothing will be on the primary coil. And what do you name 'tube light'? You mean this: ?
    It has to have starter circuit to start lighting... So it's impossible for this to work.
    Maybe you're a Gandalf or Harry Potter and you can make it work, but electrician can't. Not without some additional parts.

    Or maybe I'm wrong. So then please someone with more experience explain me how it can work :)

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    yes, it will work because I have tested it several times as you can try it your self also its very cheap

    Is my schematic equal to yours? Sorry for that I didn't believe in this :(
    Electronics Workbench Multisim 9 says it works. In this simulation something still breaks, but it blinks for second and then breaks. You're f**king amazing :D
    But how? Can anyone explain it to me?


    OMG I see :D Transformer acts as coil too :D So it's just sth like joule thief, but with transformer to make higher voltages :D yeah it's nice i'ble ;)

    Hi. i have been away from electronics for almost two decades now. but i think the circuit might work as the transistor here is an oscillator and will convert DC power into electrical pulses which is then stepped up by the transformer to give out an AC power with sufficient voltage and current to drive the tube. the tube should be a smaller one - around 2 - 4 watt. regular 20 and 40 watt tubes wont work.

    the transformer here when connected in reverse acts as a voltage booster or step up transformer.

    guys correct me if i have made any mistakes.