Add a CAD model using the free Autodesk A360 Drive. Available here.

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Step 1: Login to Your Autodesk A360 Drive

Login to your A360 Drive account. Click on "Upload Document" button.

Step 2: Drag and Drop or Select STP File and Click UPLOAD NOW Button

Use STP files produced in NOVO, Adveon and the Machining Cloud.

Step 3: Click on CAD File You Want to Embed Into the Tooling Cloud.

Step 4: Click on "Embed" Button.

Step 5: Select 640 X 480 Size.

Step 6: Highlight and Copy Html Code.

Step 7: Click "EDIT TOOL"

Step 8: Paste Html Code

Paste into "AutoCAD Link" field. Click "Save Changes" button. Your CAD file will now be viewable under the "Gear" menu. Click on "View" to open



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