TOOLING CLOUD: Add Non-Amazon Vending Item

Introduction: TOOLING CLOUD: Add Non-Amazon Vending Item

Add items from any vendor with online ordering. If they do not have online ordering contact us for alternative methods.

Step 1: Click the "Vending" Button.

Step 2: Click "Create New Item" Tab

Step 3: Change Name of Vendor

Step 4: Enter Item's URL

Copy and paste the URL of the vendor's product and reorder webpage for this item.

Step 5: Upload Image

Upload an image of the item. Use an image as close to square to prevent distortion.

Step 6: Enter the Additional Information on the Form As Needed.

Step 7: Scan Barcode Number

Scan the barcode on the item or package.

Step 8: Click on Item

The item will now appear on the Vending Page. Click on the Blue button under the item’s image.

Step 9: Click on "Other" Tab.

Step 10: Enter Starting Inventory Level

1.Select "Transfer" from the drop down menu.

2.Use the arrows to enter the starting inventory level.
3.Click "Receive" button.

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