TOOLING CLOUD: Add a New Vending Item

Introduction: TOOLING CLOUD: Add a New Vending Item

This tutorial is for adding an item from Amazon. For vendors other than Amazon see separate tutorial.

Step 1: Put Your Cursor Into the Universal Search Box on the Tooling Cloud

Step 2: Scan the Barcode on the Item or Packaging.

Step 3: Locate Item Online

Select the item on If the item does not have a UPC barcode locate the item through conventional search.

Step 4: Copy ASIN Number

Locate, highlight, right click and copy the ASIN number.

Step 5: Click the "Vending" Button.

Step 6: Click "Create Item" Tab

Step 7: Paste the ASIN Number in Appropriate Field.

The image, URL and price will be automatically loaded after the final step.

Step 8: Enter or Edit Data in the Lower Fields As Needed.

Step 9: Scan Barcode Again

Put cursor in "Part Number (SKU)" field. Scan UPC barcode again. Wait a moment and the system will pull the image and pricing from Amazon, creating a new entry in the Tooling Cloud.

Step 10: Click on Item

The item will now appear on the Vending Page. Click on the Blue button under the item’s image.

Step 11: Click on "Other" Tab.

Step 12: Enter Current Inventory Level

1.Select "Transfer" from the drop down menu.

2.Use the arrows to enter the starting inventory level.

3.Click "Receive" button.

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