Add a Beacon Label to machine.

Step 1: What Is a Beacon Label?

A beacon is a transmitter that notifies your smartphone when you are in its presence. Our simple solution is to print a small QR barcode and affix it to each machine tool or storage location.

Step 2: Scan QR Code

Simply scan the QR label with your smartphone and that machine’s home page on the Tooling Cloud will appear.

Step 3: Machine Webpage

A link to our recommended scanning app is located in the Resources page at the end of this presentation.

Step 4: How to Print a Beacon Label

This how you print a beacon label. Open to the desired machine page. Highlight and copy the URL.

Step 5: ​Open the Beacon Label Template.

You can download it from this support page.

Step 6: Click on the QR Code Image

Step 7: Choose TEXT and Paste URL

Choose TEXT in the Data drop down menu. Paste the URL into the text box. Click OK.

Step 8: Print the Label.



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