TOOLING CLOUD: Print a Label


Introduction: TOOLING CLOUD: Print a Label

Print our SmartLabels for managing your inventories of all consumable items. Not just for cutting tools. Uses the low priced Dymo labels and label printers.

Step 1: Click the VENDING Button

Step 2: Click on the Item

Click on the blue button under the item.

Step 3: ​Click on the "Barcode" Tab

Click on the "Barcode" tab at the top of the page.

Step 4: Right Click on the Barcode Image

Step 5: Click “Copy Image“ From the Drop Down Menu

Step 6: Open Label Template and Dymo Software

Open the appropriate label template. You can download them from this Support Page.

Step 7: Click on the QR Code on the Dymo Label Template.

Step 8: Click the Radio Button Next to "Clipboard"

Then click OK

Step 9: Edit Text

Click on the text on the label template. Make sure the existing text is highlighted or delete first. Type a name, description, location or whatever you want to appear on the label.

Step 10: Edit Barcode

Click on the barcode at the bottom of the label template.

Step 11: Highlight the Numbers in the "Barcode Data" Field.

Step 12: ​Scan the Barcode/UPC Label

Scan the barcode/UPC label on the product's package. Click OK.

Step 13: Click "Print" Button



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