Intro: TOOLING CLOUD: QuickView

How to use the QuickView flexible database.

Step 1: Hover Over the EYE Icon.

Step 2: Click on UPDATE From the Drop Down Menu.

Step 3: Enter Data to Manage

Enter the name, value and unit. For this example we will use speed, 9800 and RPM. Click ADD FIELD to enter the next line.

Step 4: Add Next Line

For this example, we add the feed rate data. Click ADD FIELD when finished.

Step 5: Add Next Lines

Continue with the width and depth of cut. You could also add offset data from a presetter. When finished, Click SAVE.

Step 6: Hover Over the EYE Icon Again to See the QuickView Data.

Step 7: Export Data

Click on EXPORT to generate a CSV file for importing data to CAM systems. You can change the order, labels and units of the fields to match your CAM system.



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