Introduction: TOOLING CLOUD: Vend an Item

Vend an item

Step 1: Scan QR Code on SmartLabel

We recommend this QR code reader app for the iPhone, iPod and iPad. Select "open to Google Chrome" option.

Step 2: Or, Click on “Vending"

Step 3: Click on Blue Button Below Item’s Image

Step 4: Click on “Part Count” Field

Step 5: Enter Current Part Count.

Step 6: Click "Select Job" Field.

Step 7: Chose the Job Number From the Drop Down Menu.

Step 8: If You Need to Add a New Job, Click “Add”.

Step 9: ​Enter Job Name or Number and Description.

Click “Add”.

Step 10: Use Arrow Buttons to Enter Quantity Being Taken From Inventory.

You can also use your keypad to enter the quantity.

Step 11: Click “Take” Button.

Step 12: The "Reorder" Button Turns Red

If the “Reorder” button turns from green to red, you have fallen below the minimum inventory level.

Step 13: If You Are Not Authorized to Purchase.

The next screen will calculate the economic order quantity. If you are not authorized to purchase, click the “Share” button.

Step 14: Send Email to Buyer

Enter the email address of the buyer. Click “Send” to email the link of this reorder request to the buyer.

Step 15: If You Are Authorized to Purchase.

If you are authorized to purchase, click the “Reorder” button.

Step 16: Select the Economic Order Quantity and Click “Add to Cart”.

Step 17: Audit Log

If you want to see a record of each transaction, click the “Audit Log” tab.

Step 18: Download Audit Log

Every inventory transaction is recorded in the Audit Log. Click the “Download” button to generate a CSV spreadsheet file.

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