TOP 5 Gaming CPUs That Won't Break the Bank!


Introduction: TOP 5 Gaming CPUs That Won't Break the Bank!

The CPU is the second most important part of any Gaming PC build and here I will show you the best processors that you can buy and not overspend, so you can keep that extra cash to get a better GPU and further enhance your gaming experience. No matter if you play only multiplayer games that are easy on CPU usage, or you play the most hardcore games, it is not a good idea to skimp out on your processor, because it is the brain of your computer.

Step 1: 5. AMD Athlon X4 860K

This is the best “cheap” CPU, hands down. Even though the Pentium might out-perform it in some cases, the fact that the multiplier is unlocked means that overclocking is easy and will improve framerates in games. Furthermore, its four cores will definitely come in handy, as more games are getting optimized for multi-core gaming. It is priced at around 80$.

Step 2: 4. Intel Pentium 3258

The first Intel CPU on the list is the Pentium 3258 Anniversary Edition, celebrating 20 years of the Pentium brand. This is the cheapest overclockable Intel CPU we have ever seen, and it can do wonders. It will outperform the AMD competition in most tasks thanks to Intel’s excellent per-core performance. The only gripe I have with this CPU is that it only features two cores which will be a problem in the future. Even now, some games just do not allow you to even run them, like Far Cry 4 and Dragon Age, but since it is an 1150 socket processor it can easily be replaced by an i5 if you should need more power. It retails at around 80$.

Step 3: 3. AMD FX 6300

This is the best buy gaming CPU at the moment, priced at around 120$. It features 6 cores at core-high clock of 3.5 GHz and is, as many AMDs are, fully unlocked and ready for your overclocking pleasure. Now we are entering no-bottleneck territory, which means that this CPU will not slow down even the fastest GPUs out there. With a decent GPU you can expect good framerates at 1080p resolutions. It is also decent for video rendering thanks to those cores.

Step 4: 2. AMD FX 8350

The AMD FX-8350 has been around for a while, and although it is not the newest tech out there, it has proven to be a great choice for gamers who do not want to break the bank. Opting for this model will save you around 50$ that will allow you to get either more RAM or a better graphic card. As for the specs, the 8350 features 8 cores, 4GHz overclockable core clock and a three year warranty. It can run any and all games at the maximum settings. Furthermore, since it is an octa-core processor it will be great for streaming games on services like The down side to the CPU is that it tends to get hot so you will need a separate cooler like the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo. Its current price is around 200$.

Step 5: 1. Intel I5 4690K

If there is one thing I have learned about gaming builds is that you do not need an i7 for gaming. It sure is nice to have one, but it is at the point of diminishing returns, meaning you will spend a lot more money but not get the equal amount of performance for the price. So the i5 4690K is the all-around best option for gamers. If you have 300$ to spend for a CPU than this is the one. It will outperform even the eight core AMD competitor even though it features 4 cores. This is the cheapest overclockable quad core Intel CPU. It can run all games at maximum settings in 1080p at 60FPS or more depending on the GPU. It is pricey, but it is a beast.



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