Check this Torsion Ballista made of lasercut 3mm cardboard! We got inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci's weapons.

Thank's to Francesco Petracca and Fulvio Gabriele Volpi

Step 1: Drawing for Laser Cut

Step 2: Assembly the Components

Assembly the components and paste the wings of the torsion springs.

Step 3: Make the Torsion Springs

use elastic bands fot the torsion springs. You can alter  the tension of the torsion springs changing the position of the screws in the 3 holes in the front.
Wind the springs...

Step 4: Wind and Shot!



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    5 Discussions

    This is pretty cool. Has anyone experimented with using twine, or similar materials for the torsion springs?

    Where are the pieces on how to make it? It's really cool, i just want to know what I need to make it.