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This is a touch screen based home automation system.

Home automation refers to the use of computer and information technology to control home appliances and features. Systems can range from simple remote control of lighting through to complex computer/micro-controller based networks with varying degrees of intelligence and automation.

A touch panel is interfaced to the Arduino on transmitter side which sends digital data commands to the receiver where loads are connected.

By touching the specified portion on the touch screen panel, the loads can be turned ON/OFF remotely through wireless technology. There is a decoder connected to the other end, which decodes the data and do the work according to the command.

And you can see its demonstration down in the video that i posted.

Step 1: Requirements

1. Resistive Touchscreen pad

2. Arduino

3. 5v Relay Switch

4. HT12e Encoder

5. RF Module Tx/Rx (433Mhz)

6. HT12d Decoder

7. 2 Breadboard

8. Fan/Bulb

9. 12V Power adapter

10. 9v Battery.

11. Card board and white sheets

Step 2: Transmitter Side (Touch Screen)

Interfacing Touch screen

It is a four wire touch screen. All the four wires individually act as voltage divider circuit that means you can connect all the for wires in analog ports of arduino. All we need to do is just change the input/output for the Analog pins. like as i did :

void loop()

pinMode(A1, INPUT);

pinMode(A3, INPUT);

pinMode(A0, OUTPUT);

digitalWrite(A0, LOW);

pinMode(A2, OUTPUT);

digitalWrite(A2, HIGH);

yv = analogRead(1);

pinMode(A0, INPUT);

pinMode(A2, INPUT);

pinMode(A1, OUTPUT);

digitalWrite(A1, LOW);

pinMode(A3, OUTPUT);

digitalWrite(A3, HIGH);

xv = analogRead(0);





Now you can see the values of xv and yv on the Serial monitor of Adruino IDE. this gives you X,Y coordinates in the form of Analog values.Then you can manipulate these values according to your Requirements.

Want to know more about touchscreen : See here

Step 3: Transmitter Circuit

After seeing the values on Serial monitor, you can manipulate and use that to ON/OFF the relay.

I use digital pins 13, 12 on arduino to send High or Low. Like this:

if ((xv < 850) && (xv > 780) && (yv > 250) && (yv < 320))




if ((xv < 300) && (xv > 200) && (yv > 240) && (yv < 320))


digitalWrite(13, HIGH);


if ((xv < 850) && (xv > 800) && (yv > 800) && (yv < 850))


digitalWrite(12, LOW);


if ((xv < 280) && (xv > 200) && (yv > 750) && (yv < 850))


digitalWrite(12, HIGH);


After doing this you need to Send Data wirelessly. Just connect 13 and 12th pin of arduino to the 13 and 12th pin of Encoder (HT 12e) See the circuit diagram that i posted and Data sheet on the given link below. and connect 17th(OUTPUT) pin with the Transmitter(RF module).

Data Sheet of HT 12e CLICK


Step 4: Receiver Side

Now come to Receiver side. It is quite Simple. you just need to connect the Receiver of RF module with Decoder which will decodes the Received Data coming from transmitter. Connect the data pin of RF module with the pin number 14 of Decoder and out put of Decoder from pin 13 and 12 to the Relay. Don't forget that Vcc here is 5v.

Datasheet of HT 12D Here.

Relay connections

Relay is directly connected to Decoder with pin number 13 and 12. and the another side i connect with the CFL (tube light). I used 12v Relay. so to activate give it a 12v supply and to make switch ON/OFF use 5v digital output that is coming from pin number 13&12.

Also their are so many links and youtube video that can help you to connect the relays.

link : http://www.buildcircuit.com/how-to-use-a-relay/


I cannot show my home automation project in room, then i have to do connections of all the lights and all. I just showed how to control one tube light Now you can do this with your whole room and depending upon you requirements you can increase number of outputs.To make it presentable i made a box of card board and i also write charging that is because i also connected a mobile charger with it.

This is Wireless connected touchpad there are so many application and uses of the project.

- You can place your touch pad anywhere in home and can control any light, fan, tv etc from any point of your Home.

- You can give it to your children to operate it there will be no harm of using it.

For any doubt :-

contact me:: www.dilpreet.branded.me

email me @:: dilpreetsingh076@gmail.com

-For any mistake please apologize me.

Step 6: Video

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thats a really great and simple but effective idea