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My wife and I recently purchased some grey blinds for our living room and we wanted some nice unique tie backs to go with them. Given the fact that I am a keen upcycler and hate buying new things, when you can make something nicer.

Step 1: Hearts!

I made these using some scrap 8mm birch plywood, that I salvaged from an industrial estate. Make sure you have the owners permission, which I did. It was beaten up in places but I had enough to cut out two Hearts using a Jigsaw. Carefully following a template that I mounted to the board using spray adhesive.

Step 2: Paint.

I applied two base coats of grey spray primer, sanding in-between each one using 200 grit sandpaper to get it smooth and then two coats of white. After that had dried I sanded using 80 grit to show the grey below and some wood to achieve a shabby chic look. Lastly two coats of clear matt varnish.

Step 3: Done.

I then drilled two holes and used some 12mm natural braided twine to use as tie backs. This was done by feeding one end through and looping over to from a loop, the one end is then fixed on the back of the heart using heavy duty staples. I then repeated this for the other hole to have two loops.

Overall I am really happy with how these turned out and they really are a trash to treasure item.

Appreciate any comments that you have and would love to see any examples that you might have.


Happy Making.

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