Knex Sniper (TMR 67)

Introduction: Knex Sniper (TMR 67)

About: why are you reading this?

I saw some comments for this gun and it seems like this is a good gun so i posted it BUT i didnt take good pictures i have no time, i took enough pictures that i thought would be enough to build the gun with no problem or just a few problems

If anyone can repost this gun with better instructions go ahead, but dont go around saying its YOUR gun.

Modding this gun or anything, and posting it is fine, dont need to ask me i am giving you permission right here that you are allowed to, give credit its not that hard to type a few words, or just give a link to the original, anything.

*If you have any problems just ask i know this gun very well i can answer almost any question about this gun, as a matter of fact i could probably build this gun without looking at any pictures.

ALSO one thing i forgot to mention was that i got this to shoot up to about 150 ft with 2 #64's i have the google earth image in my slideshow of this gun, you can also check the slideshow for extra information i forgot to add in here.

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Step 1: Shell of the Gun

you will be building everything on one of these and then just snap the other side on to complete the gun

Step 2: Stock

just a 3 layered stock, simple.

Step 3: Handle, Trigger System, Ect.

the step that might be the hardest

Step 4: Barrel Area

Step 5: Scope, and Mag

Mag has no purpose besides looks and tilting up the barrel a little bit, if you dont want it just fill in the mag area with pieces

Step 6: Bullets, Loading

These have all been tested and fire great, but i just prefer using the one that actually has fins.

Loading is pretty simple, just snap the loading points in the Y-connector on the half wheel thing, the loading points will be marked on the picture

Then firing is pretty self explanatory...

Step 7: Something Cool I Saw

i saw this when i was getting some light for a video of this gun, besides using my room light, and this was on my wall so i grabbed it

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    10 Discussions

    You know you can change the 2 purple/dark grey connectors in your mag to red connectors, right?


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    actually it has to be those because the pieces bend to actually fit that curving thing. thats why theres a green rod in there, the pieces are like pulling it to keep it in there

    Not bad for a slingshot, but there is no reason to put (Posted) in the title. If we see it, it's obvious that it was posted. Just saying.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    well i had a slideshow before this so i just did that just in case