Knex Sniper (TMR 67)

Introduction: Knex Sniper (TMR 67)

About: why are you reading this?

For a while i got back into knex guns, but only slingshots cause they shoot FAR! But this gun only shot about 150 ft, ill have a picture of the range test. The reason it only shot that far is because of the length of the barrel, and i used 2 #64 Rubber bands, i don't have anymore giant ones i used on my old sniper.

Anyways this gun was pretty much a heavily modded version of my TR-64 gun, i added many things, here's a list.

Sliding Trigger
New Firing Wheel
Auto-Loading Mech
 -doesn't actually load the bullet
Removeable Mag
 -Doesn't hold anything but it does add looks, and tilts up the barrel a bit
Removeable Scope
 -It actually is very easily removed, you can just slide it off
Barrel Reinforcement/Grip
Smooth Rubber band Edges
 -so you don't rip your rubber bands easily

There could be more but i can't think

Here's the description of each picture

1. The Gun
2. Each bullet, Each one has been tested
3. Removeable scope and mag
4. Smooth Rubber band edges
5. In use
6. Mag held in by friction
7. Barrel Reinforcement/grip
8. Bullet Mech
9. Closer view
10. Slide trigger mech
11. Down the barrel view
12. Slide Trigger
13. 3 Layered Stock
14. Handle
15 Stock
16. Y-connectors for attachments ( i will make later)
17. scope view
18. Side View
19. Side View Mag Out
20. Side View No Scope
21. Side View No Scope No Mag
18. Google earth distance shot

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