Introduction: TRIANGLE BOOK

I am an artist living and teaching ART in NYC for over 30 years, and I am a CZT, Certified Zentan...

This instructable will take you through the easy steps to make a 16 page triangle shaped book from one piece of paper.

Step 1: Supplies

14" X 14" sheet of paper




(additional supplies of your choice will be needed when you decide what you want to write in or decorate your book)

Step 2: Folding the Paper

Fold in half, then in half again

fold one corner to make a triangle, fold the other back as well

Step 3: Cutting the Bottom Edge

Use the straight edge to make the paper into a triangle shape. Then cut along the pencil line

Step 4: One Cut

cut one fold line to the center point

fan fold the pages

Step 5: Time to Write or Decorate the Book

I chose to make mine a picture book. I had several photographs from a leaf printing project that I did and also a cyanotype print (sun print)

I carefully cut the images to fit into the triangle shapes on each page then refolded my book

Step 6: Read It Forwards

Step 7: Read It Backwards

Step 8:



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