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Inspired by the Madhubani paintings (Mithila painting –, that is characterized by eye-catching geometric patterns and bright colors, I have attempted to recreate the essence of Madhubani art in the form of a quilled Sun god. Painted at the center of the canvas to denote that the Sun is the center of the universe; the big bulging eyes signify the divine and ever-vigilant nature of the sun.

In Hindu mythology, Surya aka the sun god, represents the visible form of the divine, one that you can plainly see every day. Depicted as a red man with bright eyes and four arms, the deity is believed to heal the sick and to bring good fortune. The Sun thus represents the soul, vitality, courage, willpower, authority, royalty and so on. He is often associated with reds, coppers and metallic colors.

Step 1: Materials Required

- Canvas board/cardboard

- Quilling strips of 5mm width (Yellow, orange, black, maroon, white, sandal, double shade(light to dark shades of orange, green and pink)

- Acrylic colours - Metallic (Gold, Orange, Blue and Green)

- Paint brush

- Sketch pens

- Crimping tool

- Compass

- Tweezer

- Quilling comb

- Slotted quilling tool

- Instant glue

Step 2: Draw the Outline and Highlight the Details

1. Draw the outline of the art form on the canvas board and highlight the details with sketch pen

2. Mark out reference points (circles in the painting) to help with placing the quilled shapes

Step 3: Paint the Art Form

1. Paint the background of the art form using bright colours of your choice

2. Allow the painting to dry prior to placing/gluing the quilled shapes


- While painting the object, ensure that the reference points remain visible

- Do not glue the quilled shapes until the entire art form has been painted and has dried

Step 4: Glue the Quilled Shapes

Glue the quilled shapes starting from the center and move towards the border

The following quilling techniques have been used to fill:

- Eyes/Eyebrows : Marquise

- Moustache : Two quilled tear drop shapes joined together.

- Face and body : Beehive/honeycomb of various colors

- Reference points (circles) : Closed coils

- Borders/Outlines : Crimped quilling strips

- Corners :

1. Oval shaped looping technique using quilling comb (explained in the next step),

2. Quilled tear drop, crescent shape

3. Quilled Beehive of multi shades of green

Step 5: Oval Shaped Looping Technique

1. Crimp the blue quilling strip using the crimping tool

2. Fold into a petal using the quilling comb as illustrated in the picture:

- Make a loop between the first two teeth of the comb. It is recommended to glue all the loops at the corner to prevent them from opening

- Continue looping till the end of the strip or when the desired petal size has been arrived at

Step 6: Picture-perfect Art

Allow the quilled art form to dry. The quilled Madhubani art is ready for framing

Excellent to adorn as a wall decor or ideal as a personalised gift

Hope you enjoyed my instructables :-) Happy quilling !!!

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    2 years ago

    Nice one. Beautiful color selection.


    2 years ago

    nice superb

    krishna images :


    2 years ago

    This is so beautiful, and creative. Its also not so daunting that it cant,be tried without spending a fortune on tools! I'm going to try it! Hope you win a prize!

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    Sriranjini Sridharjbbeamish

    Reply 2 years ago

    Thanks a lot for your comments.. Please share your inputs after trying it :-) My quilled snow flakes instructables won a prize in the quilling contest.

    This Madhubani art won first prize in Indian quilling challenge 2016.

    bhavik zure

    2 years ago

    Excellent effort,



    2 years ago

    Very nice. Thanks for showing the use of a quilling comb. I did not know they had a tool to get the even stepped spacing of the paper loops.

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    2 years ago

    Amazing! Great and nice job!
    Thanks to share

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