TRON Suits: Sam Flynn & Quorra




I decided to make this costume since I am a fan of TRON and any costume that has lights. To make this I started out by getting EL wire and EL Tape that matched the color of the movie, which is an Aqua.
Then for my Sam Flynn costume I used a Lycra bodysuit to get the tight fitting effect, but it was still breathable and comfortable. To make it look more like armor, I got a paintball vest, and this is what I connected the majority of the EL Tape to. The hardest part of making this costume was wiring up the EL Tape to the battery inverter. The battery back was in the back of the suit, and it fit inside the Identity Disc. I covered it with Black tape so that it was inconspicuous and protected. My favorite part of the suit is the speakers I built into the sides that play the TRON soundtrack. For the Identity disc, I used a TRON Frisbee and attached EL Wire to the sides and the middle. All in all my costume took about 20 hours to build.
For the Quorra costume I also used El Tape to make it light up. For my fiancée’s suit I used a leather jacket and skirt to run the lights on. I ran the wires through the lining so it hid them very well. Both the identity discs attach to the back of the suit using Velcro and can be put back on and taken off easily. This costume took me about 10 hours to build.
Out of all the costumes I built I think this one is the most fun. When I wore it to parties and bars you defiantly get noticed because you are so bright, people can see you from across the room! Many people were also surprised to find out that I built the costume. Most people assumed I bought it.

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    3 years ago on Introduction

    they look great

    btw those exact glowing panels are available here:

    That is crazy that you had speakers on the costume! Did you ever get tired of listening to the Tron music?