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In this Instructable I show you step by step how to turn your local ocean water into beautiful sea salt. It is definitely an easy process and nothing to be worried about. The hardest part is waiting in the end for it to dry. Also before anyone asks, no its not pink and pink Hawaiian salt doesn't come from the ocean, its colored. Again I am sorry to ruin the secret, but no matter it still tastes the same.

Step 1: Collect Your Water

This is the easiest step, as are all the step. Stroll on down to your closest body of salt water (lucky for us who live in Hawaii its never that far away). I collected two - quart mason jars full of salt water. The yield is not great on something like this so feel free to use what ever container that is clean. The more water you gather the more salt in the end. I ended up with 4 oz of sea salt in the end.

Step 2: Boil the Water

This is self explanatory, but before doing this it is wise to strain the water through a fine mesh strainer such as a coffee press or cheese cloth. I had the strainer and although I saw nothing I am sure some very small pieces of sand were left behind. Once boiling, continue and reduce until the mixture reaches a wet sand consistency (Ironic). I don't have a large pot as you can see but just as in cooking you can add more of your salt water as it reduces and continue the process until all your water is in the pot. As it gets closer to the desired consistency, reduce the temperature and don't forget to stir every once and a while.

Step 3: Dry Out the Liquid

This picture is a little past far along in the drying stage then right after the pot, but never the less the step is the same. Place in a shallow container and allow to try dry, this part takes the longest. You can allow it to dry in the sun or on your counter, its really up to you but depending on hoe far you reduced it, it can take anywhere from 1-5 days. Hawaii is very humid so it took a long time.

Step 4: Jar It Up

Again I did not have a lot of water compared to the amount left over but either way once your salt is dry keep it in an air tight container and avoid putting it back in water unless you want to use it that way. Again it's not pink and it won't be unless you add color or blend it with herb. You can do what ever you want with it at this point. Any comments, questions, or concerns please let me know.

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