TRUE Trigger Lever Action Rifle (build)

Introduction: TRUE Trigger Lever Action Rifle (build)

About: what's up guys, ben_the_builder here, my profile isn't too important, but im all about building (anything from knex and lego to the real deal and electricals). i love getting my hands covered in grease or en...
Whats up guys Ben here with my latest contraptions' instructions just to show that it IS possible to make a lever action rifle out of K'NEX and still feel like an awesome nerd cocking and shooting this bad boy at anything that moves, has a few circles in it, or just because you feel like it! Okay, without further delays, i'm bringing you the concepts of my mind in physical theory and construction, my bulldog of shotguns, MY first lever action rifle.

-very powerful
-traditional 8 round magazine (although i only use 6 in the build)
-lever action! :D
-true trigger
-AND i'm pretty sure its one of the first few on the site that done use a string pulley system!

-without the tape on the lever, this gun wouldn't be possible to build "(
-a few cut/salvaged broken rods
-no shell ejection... YET!
-STILL a prototype in my eyes

i hope you guys like it, i've had so much fun shooting things with it, cardboard boxes, my younger brother, SCARING birds, NOT harming them, it's a shame im ridding myself from it :( but i love it, i hope you love it, instructions are here so there's no need to fret about not being able to re-build it :D enjoy! rate, comment, PLEASE modify as you wish, just credit for the gun build :D

no credit was purposefully stolen for this item, all credit goes respectfully to rightful owners!

STEP 1; the barrel and fore grip:
pic 1) what you're making
pic 2) make and save for later
pic 3) make
pic 4) make x7
pic 5) so you have this many :D
pic 6) make x2
pic 7) make
pic 8) another angle to guide you
pic 9) make
pic 10) another angle to guide you
pic 11) make
pic 12) oops, forgot a pic, add the blur rods, then the parts you just made INCLUDING the orange connectors
pic 13) add other face
pic 14) slip the fore barrel into place
pic 15) add this grey connector just so nothing moves around
pic 16) voila! you've finished part 1 of 5!

I couldn't get the link to work properly, so heres a URL to have a look at, it's just showing how the gun cocks and loads properly ^__^

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Step 1: Body/magazine

pic 1) what you'll be making
pic 2) make x2
pic 3) add 3 cut/broken WHITE rods and the connectors (sorry i made this at 3am, i've missed a few pictures)
pic 4) add these blue rods EXACTLY where they're shown
pic 5) add more blue rods
pic 6) make
pic 7) note, these tan connectors are broken, you can use the blue connectors, i don't have any, i had to improvise
pic 8) add those 3 parts you just made as shown
pic 9) add the next layer PLEASE READ ME!! there's a few gaps between some connectors, feel free to fill them in, i ran out of green rods!
pic 10) oops, add this grey connector
pic 11) im so sorry i forgot about this part too :S add this layer ontop, all the white rods should line up together so you can make another for the other side
pic 12) add second layer i forgot to mention :S
pic 13) make, the end orange connector is broken, just in case you guys missed it
pic 14) voila! part 2 of 5!

Step 2: Lever Body

pic 1) what you'll be making
pic 2) make x2
pic 3) add these 3 cut/broken WHITE rods
pic 4) add the blue rod and two cut WHITE rods
pic 5) make these 3 parts
pic 6) add like so
pic 7) add the last layer
pic 8) okay, add 3 NOT cut/broken white rods
pic 9) add these 2 light grey connectors so you don't have a very unfortunate misfire or flying broken firing pin
pic 10) voila! 3 of 5!
pic 11) parts you should have unjoined
pic 12) slide in the half done trigger, then attach the "loose" white rod into the 'Y' connectors, next attach the lever body to the main body like so
pic 13) attach the barrel and fore grip like so
pic 14) told you you'd need this for later :D

Step 3: Handle/lever, Lever Arms and Trigger

pic 1) what you'll be making
pic 2) make, just make sure you dont have the rods connecting them through the gaps in the ends
pic 3) make
pic 4) another angle (see the grey rod)
pic 5) trigger part 2
pic 6) another angle
pic 7) yet another angle D:
pic 8) make, the white connectors do not need to be broken, i was running low on options here and i just had to go with what i had
pic 9) another angle
pic 10) yet another angle D:
pic 11) make (you'll add it in the next pic)
pic 12) connect most of them together like so, and add the blue rod and dark grey connector
pic 13) attach the trigger
pic 14&15) close ups of my trigger to show how it "clicks" into place for you to cock it properly 
pic 16) make
pic 17&18) okay, i know i was too lazy to remove the tape, but, i took the liberty of drawing in shapes to help you with building the arms, you can also substitute the white/yellow connectors and rods for the flat panels like i have in mine, but i feel it makes it too flimsy to start with before you tape it.
pic 19) the 2 arms you should have been able to make
pic 20) add the parts you made before, one of my connectors is broken cos i tampered with it before and it led to a misfire and so on, it DOES NOT need to be broken
pic 21) a side view
pic 22) connect them to the handle
pic 23) voila! 4 of 5! so close! :D
pic 24) the 2 parts you should have build so far

Step 4: Connecting It All Together and the Finishing Touches

pic 1) build these, they're very important
pic 2) after slipping the 2 arms over the lever body, slip the bare white connector onto the white rod
pic 3) just like this
pic 4) attach the previous 2 rod pieces onto the lever arms like so
pic 5) firing pin and mag pusher, the firing pin can be made by measuring out the distance when cocked to the back of the trigger block, so you can maximize the amount of damage it can cause it WILL need sharpening and trimming back, so try to salvage something
pic 6) the twine to connect the trigger parts :(
pic 7) sliding the firing pin in place
pic 8) another view
pic 9) lever pushed forward completely
pic 10) mag pusher "slot"
pic 11) mag pusher in
pic 12) okay, the amount of string you need will be determined when you hook the whole thing up, i found it was best to find the right length by wrapping the string/twine arounf the trigger componants first, then tying the tightest possible knot and trimming it later, it works out a much better fit, AND much quicker to "string" it all up
pic 13) as you can see there's a lot of work to making this magic work properly, so my advice is do it carefully!
pic 14) the twine/string weaves in between these two rods to make the whole 

YOU'VE DONE IT! okay now i'll show you how to "band up"

pic 15) MAG PUSHER attach the band(s) like so on both sides, like a mirror, and slap them onto the socket connector
pic 16) TRIGGER BAND this is important just to keep the trigger at bay and to remove any form of misfire
pic 17) a close up of how it wraps around the connectors and white rod
pic 18) FIRING PIN okay, you'll need to remove a part to do this, but its very simple, hook as many bands you want on FIRST, i'd say a max of 5 maybe 6, THEN pull the lever out a little, slip them onto yourfiring pin, and fix up the bands a little, not how the gap between the blue and orange connectors allows for the bands to run past them without any or minimal interferrance from the lever arms, now after you've set those on, pop the blue rod and spacers that you just removed back on.
pic 19) a better picture of the gap between the connectors
pic 20) oops, forgot about this band, okay, from the picture theres a highlighted white rod, get a sinlge rubber band and loop it from end to end over the gun, from the white rod, if you don't understand scroll over the picture.
pic 21) there you have it :D you're very own bone mashing, ;ever action rifle! (unloaded)


pic 22) LOADING THE GUN remove the mag pusher and just push the rounds in from the bottom, yes, one by one :(
pic 23) 6 rounds in, MAXIMUM of 8 rounds!

there you have it, cock it and fire away!

hope you enjoy this marvel of my mind, rate, comment if you're unsure about anything and feel free to do as you please to this gun, just credit me for whatever you use :D

until next time, i'll catch you all later :D

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    so does the entire gun handle rotate forward to cock the ram rod?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    the entire gun handle moves, it was much simpler to leave it that way