TTDS (Traffic Ticket Detection System )




Introduction: TTDS (Traffic Ticket Detection System )


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Step 1: The Idea and the Problems We Are Solving

-We have faced alot of problems all over the world one of

these problems that can't be denied is "Traffic"

-So we decided to present our contributions and ideas to serve our society and solve these problems by our "TTDS"

"TTDS" or Traffic Ticket Detection System is a step to solve this problem.

The project consist of :

1- Over speed detection for breaking the speed limit.

2-Detection system for:

1- Breaking the traffic lights

2- Parking in wrong places

3- GPS for traffic jam

4-CO2 sensor for cars exhausts

5-car accident emergency calls

Step 2: Tools and Parts


1- Arduino UNO


3- IR sensors

4- CO2 sensor

5- smart phone with 1sheeld application

Step 3: Steps....


1-connect 1sheeld with arduino.

2-connect two ir recivers in A0 and the another in A1.

3-connect two ir emitters in pins 2 and 3.

4-connect Co2 sensors In 6 and 7 pins.

5-connect phone to one shield.

6-mark sensors accelerometer , sms .

7-connect arduino to the computer and upload the code.

Step 4: The Code

Step 5: Testing and Results.....

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    2 years ago

    Is this just an advertisement of your service or an instructable? If it is an instructable, can you explain how it works?

    Garvit ChouhanG
    Garvit ChouhanG

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