TUAS CB-printer Marlin Modification




Introduction: TUAS CB-printer Marlin Modification

In our work 3D CB- printer was used. The man behind the development of the CB-printer is Bartosz Cieluch, a Polish tech enthusiast. With CB-printer.com he is aiming to become the leading producer of 3D printers for domestic use and for small and medium enterprises. CB-printer was the first company to develop and supply 3D printers for home use. One unique feature of the CB-pinter is that its frame is constructed entirely from aluminium and weighs 8.2 kg.

The controller board which is used is called Megatronics 3.0. In Megatronics we were using DRV8825 step motor controllers on all axels. The specifacion of this motor can be finded on the website:


We also have installed the latest version of Repetier-software in order to make modifications and edit the existed programm. We have downloaded Repetier from this website:


The instructions how to make configuration are on the website:


We have checked all wiring for the board, but there can be wrong connection of wires.

In this instruction we will show all changes we made in Marlin 3D Printer Firmware. Our goal was to make the printer work. Links we have used:



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Step 1: Filament Holder

The printer needed a proper filament holder. We have uploaded the 3D model to Repetier software and started printing a filament holder. Time of printing was about 15h. Next day the filament holder was ready.

sauce: https://grabcad.com/library/dremel-3d20-filament-spool-holder-1

Step 2: Motherboard

Choosing the motherboard.

Step 3: Speed of Data Transfer

This transfer is compatible with firmware on KONE 3

Step 4: Thermal Settings

Step 5: Endstops

Step 6: Endstops Modification

Step 7: Movements Settings

Step 8: Home Position

We establish home position on end-stops (0,0,0) with correct movement direction (DIR_invert).

Unfortunatelly we after homing to calibrate printer is turned off by endstop.

Step 9: Further Improvements and Comment

-calibration (make sure that 10mm in program is 10mm in reality)

-establish printing area (printing area doesn´t start from [0,0,0] position)

-test of filament feeder

We recommend working on own computer due to the deficiencies apparent in the hardware of the machine (KONE3) connected to the printer.

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