T.U.K.W.C- the Ultimate Knex War Crossbow.




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Please welcome... T.U.K.W.C!

It is amazingly strong and can get a very good range. It can easily shoot through 2 sides of a shoe box. It can also go completely through 3.5 CocaCola cans lined up in a row.

The link for the video is underneath:


Can shoot well over 150ft
Very strong and sturdy
Accurate upto 20ft
Strong trigger
Comfy when holding.


Hard to pull back bands
No true trigger
Uses alot of pieces.

You like it?? Lets Get Building!

Step 1: Parts List

Its never good to get halfway through building something then you run out of pieces! So here is a Parts List!

Green- 49
White- 38
Blue- 124
Yellow- 46
Red- 11
Grey- 1 (For the ammo)

White- 4
Orange- 20
Yellow- 42
Green- 12
Purple 3D- 88
Blue 3D- 20
Red- 24
Grey 1-slot- 30
Grey 2-slot- 0

Blue spacers- 50 (You can replace 48 of these with 16 silver spacers.)
32# or 64# Rubber bands- 6
Black Y clips (Main Picture)- 2

Got those parts? Good! Then lets crack on...

Step 2: The Bow.

This is the bow. Follow the pics.

1.What you will be making
2.Make this
3.Another view of pic.2
4.Add blue rods where shown
5.Gets these pieces
6.Add them where shown
7.Make this
8.Make the exact opposite of pic.7
9.Get those 2 bits that you just made
10.Attach one of them onto one side
11.Attach the other one on the other side
12.Make this ( The blue spacers can be replaced with silver spacers if you want )
13.Make it's twin
14.Attach one of them onto one side of the bow
15.Attach the other one on the other side
16.Make these
17.Attach one of them onto one corner of the bow like so
18.Attach the other one on the other side.
19.What it should completely look like.

Thats the bow done, now onto the next bit.

Step 3: The Barrel Supports

This bit is the easiest bit of the crossbow, only a few pics needed :)

1.Make this (Dont forget to add on those grey connectors)
2.Another view of it
3.And another view of it

Well thats was very easy... Now the barrel!

Step 4: The Barrel

This is pretty straight forward. Again, not many pics.

1.Make this barrel
2.Another view of the barrel
3.Front of the barrel
4. Close-up of the front of the barrel

Again, that was very easy! Lets move on now to the trigger :D

Step 5: Trigger.

Hmm... follow the pics... again... :)

1.Make this
2.Another view of pic.1
3.Another view of pic.1
4.Make this
5.Get these pieces
6.Attach them on where shown
7.Make this (Dont forget the 2 blue spacers on that red rod!)
8.Another view of pic.7
9.Another view of pic.7
10.Make this
11.Attach on like so
12.A close-up of that attachment (Make sure the blue spacers are in the right place!)
13.Attach the piece you made earlier to the piece you just made.

Easy enough? Good... well the not much left to do!

Step 6: Assembly!

Yayz! Its time to assemble your beast!

1.Get the bow
2.Get the Barrel support
3.Attach together like so
4.Get the barrel
5.Attach on like so
6.A close-up of how the barrel attaches
7.Get this part of the trigger
8.Attach on like so
9.Get this part of the trigger
10.Attach on like so
11.Another view of pic.10
12.Another view of pic.10

Hoorayz! Now we just need to do the rubberbands and you're good to go!

Step 7: Rubberband Emplacment.

This is what to do with the rubber bands. You can either use size 32# rubber bands or size 64# rubberbands. Though I suggest you use three 64#'s instead of two 32#'s for each string.

1.Get six 32# rubberbands or nine 64# rubberbands.
2.Lay them out like so
3.Cross them over like so
4.Pull them a bit tighter
5.Then pull them together fully
6.Do that to all of the rubberbands (If you are using 64#'s, you should still only have three strings, but three rubberbands in each string)
7.Attach them onto the bow like shown
8.A close-up of where they attach

Step 8: Loading and Firing.

Hmm.. You know the drill :P

1.This is the ammo, make as many of these as you want.
2.Make sure the trigger is place like shown in the picture
3.Pull the bands back and over the trigger like shown
4.Load the ammo into the barrel like so
5.Hold trigger like this
6.Pull back like so to fire it.


Step 9: Finished!

Congratz! You have finished the crossbow! Go and have fun!

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    29 Discussions


    Reply 3 years ago

    I actually like this trigger. It gives you the feeling that you're handling something with a lot of power, instead of atiny trigger that doesn't require any force


    9 years ago on Introduction

    only cruel people would use this in knex war but it is so legened so why not

    HiyadudezAn Villain

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks, the pieces I used to make this is only about 1/20 of my Knex. I have around 10,000 pieces.

    An VillainHiyadudez

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    you are welcome, i really like this because it is strong, lightweight, and uses a low-medium amout of pieces for its size. i think i will take this to my mideval times class, we are using lego trebuchets and catapults to destroy lego castles, with this i think i will gain the upper hand. 


    9 years ago on Introduction

    heres an ideda. make a triger system that is more moved twards the front and take off the big crosbow limbs and make it a shoulder cannon