TV-B-Gone Flashlight Extension




This is Instructable extends the range of a normal TV-B-Gone similar to this Instructable. It uses 12 Infrared-LEDs with a 9V battery. Within seconds you can replace the flashlight-extension with a single IR-LED to have the original size back or put any other extension to it.

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Step 1: Get the Parts

You need:
  • 1 TV-B-Gone
  • 1 IC-socket
  • 1 optocoupler
  • 12 IR-LEDs
  • 1 9V battery
  • 1 flashlight
  • Soldering stuff (knife, soldering iron, wire, etc.)

Step 2: Modify TV-B-Gone

Open the case of your TV-B-Gone and un-solder the IR-LED. then cut out two pins of the IC-socket and bend the pins. Place this where you unsoldered the LED. Additional you can put some glue around the pins to hold them in place.

To be able to put the IR-LED into the socket you have to cut he pins and grid the boarder of the LED to fit through the hole in the case.

Step 3: Modify Flashlight

Remove the normal bulb and the reflector. Cut a circuit-board to fit in the flashlight.
Put the IR-LEDs onto the board with 4 in a row. The ends of the rows are all connected to the lamp socket. (The pulses made by the TV-B-Gone are very short, so you can connect it without a resistance).

Step 4: Insert the Optocoupler

The input-pins of the optocoupler are connected to a wire outside the flashlight.
One of the output pins is connected to the battery, the other is connected to the light socket. the Other pin of the socket is connected to the battery.
Don't forget to isolate the pins.

Step 5: Put It Together an Turn of TVs

Finally put all together. Test it by pressing the button on the TV-B-Gone and see the LED illuminating through a camera.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Ha Yeah,So Neat,It Looks Like A Flashlight,No One will Suspect anything!