TV Back Pannel

Introduction: TV Back Pannel

Main purpose of this project was hide the all cables and

messy looking current plugs and network connections. Dimensions of the back pannel depends on your TV , plug points and how much border you need to see around the TV.

here are the dimensions of my back panel. I think is better you design with your dimensions.

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Step 1:

Things I have used

2"x2" wooden poles

Few 2" nails ( make the wooden frame and attach supportars)

200g of Tintex nails to attach fabric and cushion sponge to the wooden pole

300g of binder gum ( to attach sponge to wooden frames)

cushion sponge 1/4"

Fabric 60" width 2 meaters long ( Is you can have hand loomed fabric it may better )

Fabric color (only If you need to change the fabric color)

in my case I changed the color of the fabric since I was not able to find the exact color I want.


First cut the wooden poles and supporters according to the dimensions of the structure you want and then attach those with cuts of attaching pole (it gives better strong bind). When you selecting wooden poles be careful to select perfectly straight poles else you may have to smooth them again

Once you finish attaching the frames place entire structure on a flat surface and see if this is perfectly flat or not.

Then add some glue on the frame and paste the cushion sponge to cover outer frame ( As you can see in the image). and let it dry 5,6 hours.

then attach your fabric completely to one side using tintex nails and small cardboard ( As image shows), else when you tensioning the fabric to attach other side it may damage to the fabric.

Don't consider inner frames first , just attach Fabric to entire frame and then cut those holes with some extra fabric and then attach those frame s also ( As image shows)

Then you finish all the works and just attach this to the wall. If you need to cover further you can attach another fabric to cover bottom frame with using magic tapes. then it cover all the area.

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    5 years ago

    I love this idea! I've been thinking of a creative way to hide those ugly looking cables!