TV Blanket



Introduction: TV Blanket

Don't you just hate it when you're nice and warm underneath a blanket and then you have to pull your arms out to change the channel or start the next episode of your favourite TV show? That comfort you were previously feeling completely disappears and the cold that your arms are now feeling spreads to the rest of your body. Well, here is the solution. This easy-to-make TV Blanket is made from soft polar-fleece blankets and has sleeves incorporated to make sure that you can do everything you want to do, and still stay warm!

Step 1: Collect Materials and Equipment


2 x Polar-Fleece Blankets




Fabric Scissors


Tailor's Chalk

Step 2:

Collect the two blankets.

These blankets should be the same size and should cover your entire body.

Step 3:

Lay the two blankets out flat, one on top of the other.

Make sure that they are as accurately matched up as possible.

Step 4:

Using the tailor's chalk, draw a semi-circle at the top of the blanket for the neck line.

Next, draw two thin triangles on either side of the blanket, just below the top. These will help to form the sleeves.

To make this step easier and more accurate for your body size, you can lay a jumper/sweater on top of the blankets with the shoulders in line with the top. This will help you determine an accurate size for the neck as well as estimate the width of the sleeves.

Step 5:

Pin along all of the chalk lines.

Step 6:

Using the sewing machine, stitch along the pin lines for the sleeves with a straight-stitch.


Step 7:

Using the fabric scissors, cut along the inside of the stitching lines to remove a small triangle of fabric.

Be careful that you do not cut your stitching.

Step 8:

Repeat on the other side.

Step 9:

You should now be able to see the shape of the sleeves.

Step 10:

Pin along the bottom edges of the blankets, only those that sit below the sleeves.

Step 11:

Using the sewing machine, stitch around the bottom edges of the blankets, using a straight stitch.

This will be easiest if you follow your line of pins.

Step 12:

Next, pin along the top shoulders of the blankets.

Step 13:

Using the sewing machine, stitch along both shoulders, using the line of oils as a guide.


Step 14:

Using the fabric scissors, cut along the chalk line that you created before.

This will create the hole that your head will go through.

Step 15:

Turn your blanket inside out.

Step 16:

Using the fabric scissors, cut a line down the front of your blanket (only in the top layer).

Stop just above the bottom of the sleeves.

Step 17:

Collect a scrap piece of fabric that is the same colour and length as the cut that you just made.

I just used the fabric that I cut off the neckline.

Step 18:

Cut a thick rectangle from your scrap pieces of fabric.

Step 19:

Fold over one side of the cut.

Place the rectangle on the other side, right side up, so that it sits a little bit over the centre line created by the cut.

Step 20:

Fold the other side back over.

Pin the edge of the rectangle to left side of the cut.

Be careful that you do not pin both layers of blanket together, only the top layer and the rectangle.

Step 21:

Using the sewing machine, stitch along the line of pins with a straight-stitch.

Again, be careful that you do not stitch the two blankets together, only the top layer and the rectangle.

Step 22:

Collect your velcro.

Cut four small squares off each side of the velcro.

Try to make them as similar in size as possible.

Step 23:

Place the squares made of the rough side of the velcro, evenly spaced along the extra rectangle of fabric you added before.

Step 24:

Pin in place to hold.

Step 25:

Using a needle and thread, stitch around the edges of each velcro square to secure in place.

Step 26:

Flip the right side of the cut over.

Place the soft squares of velcro evenly spaced along the back of this side.

Make sure that they match up with the squares the left side, as accurately as possible.

Step 27:

Pin into place to hold.

Step 28:

Using a needle and thread, stitch around the edges of the velcro squares to secure place.

Step 29:

Flip the right side back over and secure the velcro squares together.

This will now make it easier to get in and out of your TV Blanket.

Step 30:

Your TV Blanket is now ready to use!



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