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Introduction: T.V. Dinner Cupcakes

My dad turned 60 this year so I thought to throw him a 60s birthday party complete with t.v. dinners...except with a tasty twist. I made the cupcake batter as directed on the box and then had more fun with the decorating. For the creamy mashed potatoes, I topped the cupcake with a mound of cream cheese frosting. For the butter, I sliced a small piece/square from a yellow Starburst candy. To finish it off, I drizzled slightly melted caramel sauce for the gravy. The next side dish was the mixed vegetables. I made two seperate mixing bowls of frosting; one with orange dye and cream cheese frosting and the other with a green dye and cream cheese frosting. In the orange dyed frosting, I mixed in chopped up orange Starburst candy to look like squared carrots. In the green dyed frosting, I mixed in green Sixlet chocolate candy. When both were mixed well, I combined them to make a yummy side veggie dish. For the main course, there was fried chicken. I plopped on a huge mound of cream cheese frosting...in the shape of a chicked leg. I then crushed cornflakes to make the crusty layer of fried chicken. For the chicken bone, I melted white chocolate and formed a bone shape. After it cooled, I stuck it on top of the cupcake to make it look like a chicken leg. And last but not least, the t.v. dinner dessert...the brownie! I topped the cupcake with a milk chocolate frosting and finished it off with sprinkles. Enjoy your dinner and dessert in one!



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    6 Discussions

    Umm... weren't these from the "Hello Cupcake!" book? You couldv'e gave some credit to the author..

    This is not original material at all! The exact ingredients are use in this exact manner from the "Hello, Cupcake!" book. (As others have noted.) It's a cute idea for your 60's party, but you should be giving credit to the authors of the book and not leading your readers to believe it is your original material.

    This definitely should have been properly credited to the authors of "Hello, Cupcake!" Not giving them credit is just like plagiarism. I'm sure your dad thought you were "Clever Clara", when in fact, you were really "Copycat Clara". Very disappointing to see this passed off as original work.

    You did not come up with these! They're in the 'Hello Cupcake!' book! Same ingredients and everything! You should at least give them credit!

    too cute, i've been meaning to make these, but not sure for which occasion. lol