TV Input Selection

Intro: Power On

Turn the power on to the tv by pressing the TV button then the red "Power" button.

Step 1: Cable Box Input

For cable box control press the input button on the remote until "COMPONENT" shows up in yellow lettering against a blue border.

Step 2: Blu-Ray Control

To watch a DVD or Blu-Ray movie press the TV button on the remote and then the input button. Press input until you get to "HDMI" then press the DVD button on the top of the remote and then the red POWER button. You can now control the DVD players functions using the fast forward and rewind buttons located towards the top of the remot

Step 3: Changing Inputs

If both the blu-ray player and cable box are on simply press the input button on the remote to switch between the cable box (COMPONENT) or the blu-ray (HDMI)



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