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Introduction: TV Remote Repair

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A while back my TV was turning itself on and off. Cutting to the chase, I discovered it was my TV remote control when the problem ended when the batteries were to fix it.

Step 1: Open the Remote

I opened the remote and noticed there was an "oil" on the rubber key pad and circuit board.

Step 2: Swab the Parts

I took a swab dampened with alcohol, and cleaned the "oil" off.

Besure to get into the recesses on the rubber pad.

I reassembled the remote and it worked perfectly!

This has also worked for my cordless phone keypad.

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    1 year ago

    From my understanding, the "grease" is impregnated into the rubber to make it conduct. When it stays on the circuit board, it shorts it out.


    1 year ago on Step 2

    Hmm. I think the grease is actually supposed to be in there. It's probably a conductive grease that helps with the electrical conduction of the buttons against the circuit board pads. How would grease get inside your remote? The problem you had was probably due to some other contamination inside the case of the remote, perhaps moisture or dust or both. Anyway, since your remote is working now, the the fix worked. I have several old remotes lying around (don't know why, but can't bring myself to toss them out). I'v going to take one or more of them apart and see if they have grease in them.