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I had one of those led strips on my tv before and it wasn't quite as bright as i would have liked it to be so I decided to go with this style instead. Basically it's a round tin container with led's put in the round part going around the tin to give out light. I had pink led's lying around so I made it that color. This project can be made with out a lot of money which is nice. you can either power it threw a usb to plug into your tv's usb or atach it to a power inverter.

get a switch

Step 1: Tools and Supplies:


Step 2: Prep the Tin

The first thing you wanna do is drill the holes for the LED's. To make them even i wrapped a piece of paper around the circle part of the tin. Then i folded it in half until i couldn't any more this will make lines evenly apart. On each of the folds will be where you drill your holes for the leds. Make sure when you drill the holes you use the right size drill bit for the leds. one of the marks you make is going to be for the switch so this will be a different sized hole.

Step 3: Adding the LED's

When adding the leds I have 3 leds in series connected to a 130 ohm resistor. On the end with the resistor the is a red wire coming off of each one. One the end of the third led the negative lead i soldered a black wire to it. Do this for each set of three leds

red wire--- 130 ohm resistor- 1st led long pin-1st led short pin 2 the second leds long pin- the 2nd leds short pin to the third leds long pin- from the third leds short pin to a black wire.

all of the red wires are gonna be connected with a wire nut.

all of the black wires(grounds) get connected to each other with a wire nut.

you will also have to add a red wire to the switch to connect to the red wires in the nut

also will need to a ground wire to the black wires in the nut.


i have a wall inverter of 12 volts the ground wire from this gets connected to the black wire nut

the positive wire connects to on end of the switch. the other end of the switch get a red wire to

be connected into the wire nuts of red wires.

Step 4: Finalize

The sets of 3 leds are considered in series and then when you hook then ends of the 3 strips together in the wire nuts puts all of those then in parallel giving each set of 3 leds 12 volts. You can glue your leds into the tin case. I covered the led leads with electrical tape so that it doesn't get shorted out. Instead of using the 12 volt wall outlet you can use a usb cord and cut off the other end and use 5 volts to power your TV backlight.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    That looks fantastic! Right now I've got an LED strip on the top of mine, but when it dies I might need to do something fancy like this.