TV/DVD Remote Decode Using Arduino and Vs1838b IR Receiver and Using It in Home Automation

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Home appliances like TV/DVD remote's have always been a spare at home whenever we replace it with a new one. these unused materials as spares can always be used in different projects and home automation techniques like remote based home automation(controlling functions of fan, bulb, tubelight).

IR Receiver is a device that uses infrared portion of electromagnet spectrum for wireless communication. IR Receiver has three pins

  • Signal
  • GND
  • VCC

In this blog we are going to learn to decode any IR remote using Arduino and universal IR Receiver(vs1838b) and further we will learn to make remote operated gigs like TV Remote controlled home automation stuffs and much more.

Components Required

Components required for the project are -:

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Step 1: Making Connections/ Schematics

Make connections according to the schematics. Connect the signal pin of the IR receiver to pin no.12 of Arduino Uno. Download schematic from here

Step 2: Decoding the IR Remote

There are some libraries that are required to downloaded to decode the remote. You can download libraries from here Click here to download libraries.

There are few steps to be followed after downloading the libraries -:

  • Download the libraries and save it on desktop with the name "Remote Decode".
  • Open the folder and you will find another folder within with the name as "IR Folder". Copy the folder and paste in libraries folder of Arduino Files.

Step 3: Uploading Code to Remote to Decode It

Upload the code to the Arduino board and decode the TV remote. Click here to Download Code

Step 4: Open Serial Monitor to Decode

Open the serial monitor to Decode the remote. As soon as you press the follow button, a hit score gets generated and is displayed on the serial monitor. same is the case with any other button. Which ever button you want to use in your home, copy the hit score of that button and modify it in the code.

Step 5: Upload Code to Arduino Board to Check Functioning

Upload the modified Code to Arduino board and check functioning. On pressing one modified button the LED starts glowing and pressing another modified button the LED goes off. Using Different types of relay module you can control different number appliances together using remote.

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