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Introduction: Table Extender/Shelf

So this is the table extender/shelf. This is useful because if you are running out of space at your desk, you can easily build a shelf that sticks out of the table.

What I used to make it (may vary depending on thickness of table):

Stretching pole 90 cm. (from Daiso)

4 water bottles

Popsicle stick



3 birch plywood boards 12 in. X 12 in.

2 wood (I'm not sure what kind of wood it is, but it doesn't matter) boards 4 in. X 6.5 in.

1 wood board 4 in. X 12 in.

1 wood board 12 in. X 6.5 in.

2 clamps

2 smaller clamps

1 eco-lock cap

Hot glue gun and glue sticks (only use if you are impatient and want it to dry fast)

Gorilla Glue

2 metal pieces that are at an angle (Sorry I don't know the names of these either)

Cute Sakura Wallpaper (for decorations)

Blue dotted wax paper (for decorations)

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Step 1: Sand All Wooden Pieces

By sanding all the wooden pieces, the wood becomes smooth and are less likely to give splinters.

Step 2: Clamping Some of the Pieces Together

So what you do is that you place one of the metal pieces on one of the big clamps. Then you take the smaller clamp and clamp the metal piece onto the big clamp as shown in the picture. And then use one of the glue to glue the metal piece on for extra security. Then leave the clamps on there until the glue dries. You can take the clamps off, but there is going to be a lot of weight placed on the metal piece, so I highly recommend leaving the smaller clamp on. And then repeat this step with the other clamps, but make sure to put it on the different side of the other big clamp.

Step 3: Cutting the Bottles

Now cut each of the bottles into the pieces as shown in the picture. I cut it so that it is 2.5 inches high, but I feel like it should be slightly higher.

Now with one of the extra leftover bottle, cut another piece so that it is 3 inches. This piece will be used later on.

Step 4: Decorations!

This step is not required, but in my opinion, it makes it look nicer. What you do is that you take the sakura wallpaper and cut it into 12 in. X 12 in. Then I stuck it onto one of the 12 in. X 12 in. wood boards. I only did one, but you can put it on all of the wooden pieces. To make it look nicer, I hot glued the sides, but if you don't hot glue it well, the sides might end up being pointy and not smooth.

You can also take the blue dotted wax paper and wrap it around all the cut bottle pieces, but I only put on the 3-inch cut bottle.

Another thing you can do that I didn't do is that you can paint the boards if you don't have wallpaper. Or you could paint the clamps and metal pieces.

Step 5: Placing Bottle Pieces Onto Board

Place the bottle pieces onto the corners of one of the 12 in X 12 in board. And then glue it with either glue.

Place glue on to the top of the bottles and place the other 12 in X 12 in board with the wallpaper on top of the bottles.

Step 6: Placing Wooden Pieces Onto Top of the Board

Now take the 2 wooden pieces that are 4 in. X 6.5 in. And place it onto the sides of the board on the top. Then glue it.

After that take the wooden piece that is 4 in. X 12 in. And place it behind the 2 wooden pieces also on top as shown in the picture. And then also glue it.

Step 7: Placing Wooden Piece on the Top

Take the smallest wooden piece left (12 in. X 6.5 in.) and glue it onto the top of the 3 pieces from the last step as shown in the picture.

Step 8: Glue Final Wooden Piece Onto Bottom

Take the final wooden piece (12 in. X 12 in.) and put Gorilla glue onto half of the board. Then take a popsicle stick and spread the glue evenly out. After that, place it on the bottom of what we have so far. Then wait until the glue dries and hot glue the sides for extra security.

Step 9: Glue Eco-lock Cap Onto Bottom

Flip what we have over and glue the eco-lock cap onto the bottom. It would be best if glued in the center and on the board with the water bottles glued on it. Then take the pole stretcher and stick it onto the eco-lock cap. It should fit in and if it moves around that should be fine. The pole stretcher should be removable so that the invention can be portable.

Step 10: Place Wrapped Bottle Piece on Top

With the final bottle piece, take it and glue it onto the very top of the invention as shown in the picture. This piece will be the pencil holder.

Step 11: Putting It Together

Just watch the video to see how to put it together!

Sorry, the video could not be edited properly. Also thanks to my brother for filming it!

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