Table Top Light With LEDs




Introduction: Table Top Light With LEDs

We made these as table lights or centerpieces for a dinner reception event. Using the idea of LED Throwies we put LED with batteries inside old mason jars full of glass beads. The lights looked great. They were super cheap and relatively quick to make. Now that we have everything, we can remake them any time for any event.

Step 1: Materials and Props

This idea came from how simple and awesome LED Throwies are. After a few screw ups getting materials to make centerpieces for our wedding reception, we ordered materials and tried making LED Floaties. We quickly realized these wouldn't work for us because the reception was during the evening in summer. In a quick stroke of luck we came up with a solution that works with low light or no light situations. They are also reusable... you can take them apart and replace batteries if you want to without too much headache. Here's what we used:

- Basic LED Throwies Materials: LED lights, batteries (don't need the magnets for this one)

- Glass Jars

- Glass Beads (variety of colors, but clear or light color works best)

Step 2: Put It All Together

Attach the LED lights to the batteries and tape just like in LED Throwies. We used gorilla tape instead and it works, but not as good as gaffer's tape.

Put some beads in the bottom of the jar, then add a few lights.

Step 3: Repeat Unti Full

Add more glass beads and more LED lights to the jar until its full.

I've found it looks best if you position the lights one at a time with the light facing outward and the battery/tape in the middle. Once its full you won't really see too much of that and the beads will diffuse the light around the jar.

Step 4: Finished: LED Table Light

That's pretty much it. Have Fun

If you want your lights brighter, add more LED's to the mix. This one uses 10 but you could easily increase/decrease to get what you want. In total, I probably only spent about $30-40 to make about 15 of these centerpieces. They looked great and everyone was really interested in how we did it.

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    3 Discussions


    11 years ago on Step 4

    Very cool idea :) Will have to remember this one.


    Reply 11 years ago on Step 4

    Thanks... I forgot to add.... some of these still work... its been almost a year and we still have a few around that are very dim, but still glow at night. Kind of like a nice efficient night light.