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Introduction: Table Made From Wood Shims

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Small table made using only wood shims.

1. Wood shims - 8 inch (perhaps about 30 packs depending on the height)
2. Wood glue
3. Spring clams
4. 5/8 inch Spax screws (optional)

Please note that this table was built over the course of several weeks.

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Step 1: Build Foundation for the Table Post

Build the foundation of the table post:
1. Glue 2 shims together to create a solid piece. This will be the building block of the table.
2. Place about 6 of the pieces together in a line.
3. Glue 2 crosspieces on their ends to make a solid base.
4. Optionally, you can screw them down with 5/8 inch Spax screws, but it is not necessary.

Step 2: Start to Build Up Table Height

1. Add crosspieces to build up table.
2. Optional, use the screws to further secure the shims. I used 5/8" #1 Square screws.

Step 3: Build to Desired Height

Continue to build upwards until you get to the height you want. I went to about 3 feet.

Step 4: Build Out the Tabletop

1. Once the table has been built to the desired height (mine was about 3 feet), cover the column hole with wood shims.
2. Now attach wood shims around the edge of the top with screws. Allow for one inch where the screws attach to the top and about 5 inches sticking out away from the column. After you are done, it should look like a stubby cross from overhead.
3. Optional: Add more area to the surface of the table by connecting wood shims between the intersections of the cross at about 45 degrees. It would be best to glue them first, then screw then in to further secure them.
4. Optional: to further reinforce the top, glue wood shims underneath the top at about 45 to 60 degrees. Anchor them on the corners and sides of the table column. Since they are being placed in odd positions, take some wood glue and roll it around in your fingers for a few minutes to create a ball of glue paste. Then wedge the paste into the joint where the wood shim meets the column or tabletop. To make sure it stays in place, secure it with duct tape until it dries. Once it is dry, add more glue paste to the joints to reinforce them, along with a few screws.

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