Table Making

Introduction: Table Making

This instructable will help you build a low cost yet sturdy coffee table. To make this coffee table you will need various tools and materials to build this table. You will need to purchase wood from any local Home Depot or Lowes. You should purchase two 2"x2"x8', one 1"x4"x8', and one 1"x8"x8'. This wood will make about two coffee tables that are about 25 inches tall. You will also need wood glue, screws, and a drill.

Cutting: For each table you will need to cut the wood to get four 2"x2"x24" boards for the legs, two 1"x4"x14" boards for the front and back faces, two 1"x4"x10" boards for the left and right faces, and two 1"x8"x18.5" boards for the table top.

Drilling: You will need to make pocket holes first so that you do not crack the wood and make the table look bad. You will need to make holes on the wood that will be used for for the front,back, left and right faces. You will make holes on the thick part of the wood and make four holes. two on the top and bottom for each corner of the wood. You will need to then drill the screws into the legs and faces to connect the wood.

Attaching the top: In this process you will need to add the top. The base is ready for you to add the top. You will need to put wood glue on top of the base to that the top sticks. The top is made in two pieces. Put the two pieces together on top of the base to create one top. After this let the table dry and harden overnight. After this you are finished, but you can decorate your table. You can paint it any color you want or you can stain your table. Congratulations, you built a table. Until next time

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