Table Saw Blade Clock / Reloj De Sierra Circular




Also Watch the video

Welcome to my entry for the metal contest Is a quick project using a old tablesaw blade and plasma cutting the numbers, if you like remember to vote

It takes about an hour to make it and the only tool you need its the plasma cutter

Tambien Mira el video

Bienvenidos a mi proyecto , es muy sencillo y facil de hacer reusando una vieja sierra que perdio algunos dientes ,

Este proyecto esta en el metal contes si te gusta vota por mi

La unica herramienta que use fue un corte plasma y el proyecto de principio a fin tomeo menos de una hora en realizarlo

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Step 1: Cleaning

Clean all the prints with acetone and a scotchbrite to remove the rust

Step 2: Marking

Everybody knows the position of the numbers XD use a angle square to mark them every 30 degree

Step 3: Ready for Plasma

The fun part using the plasma cutter set it with between 20 and 25 amps I made it freehanded it looks some rustic,

And YES I know the number 8 turns out ugly but I dont want the holes from side to side so a thin strip its left to hold the centers

Step 4: Mechanism Assemble

I bought a cheap clock mechnism for about 1.5 dollars I put some hot melt glue to the mechanism not necesarry but keep it center, Add a washer to cover the hole and assemble the rest of the clock

Step 5: Ready to Mount

It turns out very cool i mout it with a 1/8 inch screw in one of my workshop cabinet doors very easy to make

Thanks for reading until the end Hope you like it

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    3 years ago

    I think this looks great (even the 8!) as you said it look rustic. My brother is a professional Cabinet Maker and he would love this in his shop.

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks, This clock its great for a wood shop or any woodworker house and cost less than 2 dollars