Table Saw Cross-cut Sled

For my next project I needed to be able to make a lot of cross cuts and the cheesy little mitre guide wasn't going to do the job

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Step 1: I Used

I had some scrap 3/8" plywood about 22×22" ,2x2, 2x4, 1 1/4" screws, 1/2" screws

Step 2: Cutting the Pieces

For the sliders in the mitre slots I cut a strip off the side of the 2x4 about 5/8" thick, cut it down to 19" and ripped that into 2 pieces about 1/4" wide. I sanded the sliders until they would slide in the mitre slots but not have any play. I used 22x19" of plywood for the base, 2x2x17, 1x2x9 1/2 for the back and 2x3x14 for the front. Now that it's done I should have gone with a taller back, maybe 2x4 instead of 1x2.

Step 3: Putting It Together

I clamped, drilled and counter sunk the 2x2 flush with the 22" side and the 2x3 to the opposite side. I slid the 2 sliders into the mitre slots, marked on the plywood edge where the sliders lined up. I used a cut-off side of the 2x4 and lined the sled up flush to the edge of the table. Then clamp the sled down to the table saw, measure in to the sliders. Predrill and counter sink the holes then just screw the plywood to the sliders. I used #6 1/2" screws for this but you may have to use different screws if you materials are different. Slide the sled and if it is too tight just let off the screws a little bit.

Step 4: Touch Ups

I raised the back end about 3/4" and when it took the top off, I squeezed the sides together just a bit to tighten things up a bit

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    3 years ago

    After I thought about it for a while, I decided to glue the front and back down to the plywood base where the blade cuts through and remove a screw that could be in the way. Now there are no screws in the way for bevel cuts and I won't be losing big chunks of the front