Table Saw Fence for Diy Saw'sTable




Introduction: Table Saw Fence for Diy Saw'sTable

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This is my fence that i build for my Saw'sTable.

My intention is to use it with table saw, and inverted jigsaw... it also will include scrollsaw, that's why "Saw'sTable".

I want to cut wood, plastics and metals with those, and im also going to make some guides that im going attach to it. Thats why i wanted it to stay still even when things get rough.

Material is from the dumpster, frame for the fence is made two alumine u-channels that are weld together with tig.

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Step 1: Idea..

"First" parts is made to fit inside the fence, it moves inside it and keeps "finger" parts in the right line.

Finger parts, and the interior ones are connected together with bolts, i placed couple washers between them.

It gives little extra room for the lenght adjustment. Both ends has similar constructions.

Step 2: Tightener..

Inside the fence is threaded rod. I weld nut in the other end, and drilled a hole trough it.

Handle is connected to rod with bolt and nylock nut.

At the same end with the handle is spring that pushes the "fingers" open when handle is lifted up.

Pushing handle down locks the fence to its position.

Step 3: Finished

Fingers lock to the edges and sides of the table.

Simple and easy to use.

Sorry, no measures or more detailed plans.

Those alumine u-channels we're left overs from "special" order at my workplace, and out of standards.

But i hope one can use the idea.

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    3 years ago

    Nice and clean work. I want to make mine out of wood but with a simpler locking mechanism. I enjoyed the video.

    The other Finnish guy
    The other Finnish guy

    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank you.

    When i cut thicker alumine sheets i use alcohol for cooling, it ruins wood quite fast. That's why i used metals.