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So you're at the job site and you need to secure a 2 by to drill some holes. You could use some saw horses but you've already got your small table saw on them. Now what? I saw this on the "Fine Home Building You Tube Channel" and thought, with a slight modification, it would work great on a table saw.

Step 1: What You'll Need


1 set of old pipe clamps.

1 10" x 3" piece of scrap 3/4" pine.

A hand full of 3/4" sheet metal screws.

2 pieces of 3/4" threaded pipe (say 6" long)

2 3/4" pipe floor flanges.

4 1/4" x 1" lag bolts.


Power drill.

Drill bits.

1-1/4" hole saw.

Jig saw.


Step 2: Make the Clamps

1. Start by cutting the scrap pine to slide over one of the bar clamp pipes so it has a loose fit.

I rounded the edges of mine but you can shape it any way you want.

2. Now drill some 1/8" holes in the lip of the bar clamp so you can secure the bar to the scrap pine.

It's cast metal so center punch the spot on the metal so the drill gets a grip.

3. Once the holes are done, secure the wood with sheet metal screws.

Step 3: Now the Flanges

1. Decide where you want the clamps to mount. I set mine back about 5" from the edge so I had room of different sizes of wood.

2. Drill 2 holes with the 1-1/4" hole saw and sand the edges of the hole.

3. Now mount the flange under the top of the table saw with lag bolts as shown.

Step 4: Mount the Clamps

Now screw in the pipe thread through the hole into the flanges and you're good to go.

Step 5: Turn the Handles

Place your wood on the saw top and turn the handles down to secure the work piece.

You can store the clamps underneath the saw or in your tool box for easy access.




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    2 years ago

    If you don't have (and can't find) any OLD pipe clamps, go to Harbor Freight (or order online) some new ones. 1/2" clamp (2 pcs to make one clamp) are $7 and 3/4" are $10. It's not free, but a lot easier to find. They're a good source for other clamps too.

    1 reply