Table Top Flying Kite

Introduction: Table Top Flying Kite

About: Want to do some thing best with my less resource.

Its some thing funny, if we a kite always flying in our table top with out any power. Here i use very simple magnetic levitation, by use only the attraction of the magnet. Its teach the power of Magnet attraction and the trigonometry to make the Kite fly Straight.

Even with wind of with out wind it fly all the days.

Every Children like to try it and its very easy and funny. But carefully with childrens don't put any magnetic parts on mouth. Every one likes to see some flies, childrens even more.

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Step 1: Materials Required

1) Black Earth Magnet (very power full magnet i got from a old box in my house dont know for what purpose).

2) Small Tiny magnet 2Nos (I got it from the Head of the CD Drive its very small and more powerfull)

3) Color Paper (To make Kite)

4) A stick form Broom. (To make Kite strong)

5) Thread (to tie Kite)

6) Glue.

All the Below are to make stand.

7) Plastic Pipe 2 - 3 Feet (One old pipe got from my house water line repair)

8) PVC Elbow - 2 Nos

9) PVC Tee - 1 Nos

10) Insulation Tape Roll.

11) Cotton and Decoration Materials for Decoration.

Step 2: Magnetic Field

A magnetic field is the magnetic effect of electric currents and magnetic materials. The magnetic field at any given point is specified by both a direction and a magnitude (or strength); as such it is represented by a vector field.

When two magnets or magnetic objects are close to each other, there is a force that attracts the poles together. Magnets also strongly attract ferromagnetic materials such as iron, nickel and cobalt.

In this project we use the principal of attraction of magnet in its range. only with in its range it attract. The range of attraction of normal magnet is very less.

Step 3: Make Stand

1) Use PVC pipes and joints to make a stand. There is no correct measurement to make stand.

2) Cut three pieces of pipe.

3) Start from the top. Connect a dummy in the Front side (The piece i cut already have a dummy) and join a 'L' bend to the other side.

4) Connect another pipe to the other side of the 'L' Bend. Connect another 'L' bend to the second pipe.

5) In the Other side of the 2nd 'L' bend connect a another piece of pipe, it acts as the base of the stand.

6) Connect a 'T' joint to the other end of the base pipe. This 'T' joint make the Stand Stand Straight. If U have small sided of 'T' then join two piece of pip on both sides to make it stand comfortable. For me it stand ok.

Step 4: Fixing Magnet on Stand

1) In the Top of the Stand we want to fix a Permanent magnet.

2) I tested it by put the magnet inside the pipe, but its attraction property reduced so much. So i decided to place it out side.

3) Just put the magnet on the top corner of the top pipe and insulate it with minimum turns.

Step 5: Make Kite

1) Its very simple to make kite.

2) Just take a color A4 Paper and just cut a size of 2 inches to 2.5inches of paper.

3) And fold the paper as shown in the picture to make a kit appearance.

4) Due to paper we want stick to make it hard.

Step 6: Fix Magnet and Paste

1) The main port is how to place the small magnet and paste the Kite.

2) Care fully note the side of the magnets before paste, because one magnet must place North up and another must be south up. If both the sides are same direction then the big magnet in the stand attract one side and ripple other side, this make the kit not able to fly. So want to attract by both sides.

3) Paper must be hard, because if use light paper once allow to fly the small magnets tear the paper and stick with big magnet. I waste 2 times to make new kite. After that I choose some chart paper and found ok.

Step 7: Add Thread

1) After magnet addition this one is a very smart work.

2) Using needle tie threads on all the four sides of the kite.

3) Now the main thing is according to the direction of the thread knot want to join the four thread.

In this step we want to use trigonometry to find at which angle e want to leave how much thread for four legs. If any mistake two actions may happen it never fly or one side stick with the magnet.

Step 8: Straight Test

1) Connect 4 threads at equal distance so that it fly straight.

2) Tie the thread to the bottom of the stand and check at which distance the kite fly. Leave thread up to that distance and tie knot.

3) Now you see how the kite fly straight.

Step 9: Side Test

1) For Thread from side We want to change the thread size of the threads from kite to make it fly straight.

2) Side two thread size must be same and Front must be less and back must be more. Dont want to calculate, just keep the kite straight on one hand and gather the threads on the other hand in the required angle and make a knot. Now all is done to make childrens happy we want to add some color and character to fly kite.

Step 10: Decorate It

1) Add back tail and side tail using colour threads this threads fly even with less air.

2) Cover the pipe with color paper.

3) I have a small plastic toy just like it fly kite.

4) I paste the toy on the front side of the base using hot glue gun.

Step 11: Make Kite Fly

Tie White thread from Toy hand to kite and correct the distance. If it start fly then put a knot on toy hand. Now you see if the kite taken to the attraction limit it fly. With small air from fan the kite and its tail shack like real Kite.

Its a very simple Project and any once can do it in their resource. It makes childrens very happy to see a flying kite on the table top. If You like this instructables encourage me.

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    Oh I laughed when I saw how this is done. Great trick! I hope to build one with my daughter for a school project.


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    I love it! Super, I bet the kids love it too!


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    Nice trick, it really looks like the kite is flying!


    Reply 2 years ago

    Thanks....Its really very funny to see some think fly in desktop with no wind. Only few can guess the working principle immediately